This is a short guide aimed at players brand new to FFXI. It's a set of 5 quick tips which a new player can really benefit from, whilst not giving away too much information too.

  • Check your inventory: A Red Mage starting out will find a scroll of Dia in there. Use it to learn the spell. Other jobs can also find similar items.

  • Turn on auto-sort: Go into the menus -> Config -> Gameplay -> Inventory -> Sort 'On'. Now when 2 of the same item go into your inventory, they will automatically group together.

  • Signet: As you leave your starter city, you will notice 2 guards either side of the exits. Speak to the one with either a T.K. / W.W. / I.M. after their name. Ask for Signet. You will now collect Conquest Points which can be exchanged for equipment when you have enough.

    With signet in effect, any monster you kill which gives you Experience Points can now also drop Crystals. These can be sold for gil. Finally, Signet provides a few minor buffs to your character which can make the early soloing levels a little easier.

  • Check Mobs: Before you begin any encounter with a mob, you should always check it first. You can do this by selecting the target monster and typing /check or CTRL + C. When fighting alone, new players should ONLY attempt monsters that check as 'Easy Prey' (EP) or 'Decent Challenge' (DC). Any stronger and you will likely die. The only exception to this rule is when you are level 1, all monsters will check as Even Match. You can kill these.

  • Auction House: FFXI has an Auction House (AH) where players can buy and sell their items to each other. In can be incredibly overwhelming at first however, it's worthwhile spending the time to try and learn it. Players can make lots of gil at the Auction House. For an in-depth guide please see this guide.

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