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Abbreviation: AGI

A stat that is compared with an attacker's dexterity to determine the likelihood that the enemy's blow will be a critical. Agility also has a direct impact on a character's evasion, shield, parry, and ranged accuracy stats. For every two points of AGI a character has, these derived stats are raised by one point (These stats should not be confused with the skills of the same name). Verification Needed

In addition, Agility plays a significant role in determining the damage caused by Trick Attack when used by a Thief.

Associated with the element of Wind. Many wind-based items add AGI to a Player's Stats. Example: Garuda's Dagger

Breakdown of highest level 1 AGI scores by race and class

Mithra: 9 (RNG)

Tarutaru: 9 (RNG)

Galka: 8 (RNG)

Hume: 8 (RNG)

Elvaan: 7 (RNG)