Start NPC:   Ranpi-Monpi - Windurst Waters (D-9)
  Windurst Reputation 2
  Items Needed:   None.
  Title:   None.
  Repeatable:   Yes.
  Reward:   400g
  Previous Quest:   None.
  Next Quest:   None.



  • Talk to Ranpi-Monpi to learn that he cooked a bad batch of food for the Yagudo on accident.
  • Now head on out to Giddeus to retrieve the Offering.
  • The altar is located in the underground section of the caves at (G-6).
  • Click on the altar to get the key item Off Offering.
  • Take the Off Offering back to Ranpi-Monpi (just talk to him again).

Game Description

Client: Ranpi-Monpi (Culinarians' Guild, Windurst Waters)

When preparing the food offering as a sign of Windurst's friendship with Giddeus, Ranpi-Monpi accidentaly mixed in a liquid that the Yagudo hate. Quickly recover the tainted offering from the altar at Giddeus before ruffling some Yagudo feathers.
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