Start NPC:   Angelica - Windurst Waters (F-10)
  Windurst Reputation 1
  Items Needed:   Bronze Harness
  Leather Vest
  Title(failure):   Lower than the Lowest Tunnel Worm
  Title(success):   Super Model
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Ancient Blood
  Previous Quest:   None.
  Next Quest:   A Question of Taste
  Picture Perfect


  • Angelica, the artist staying on the second floor of the Hostelry, asks you to fetch something for her based upon your job. You receive a portrait and the key item Angelica's Autograph.
  • The items she asks you to bring (based upon your job) are:
  • Start with a clean zone-in. Have the necessary item in your inventory, but not on. If you don't have any of them, simply change to MNK and use a robe, they're cheapest.
  • Talk to Angelica. After she's done, stand there and count 10 seconds.
  • Talk to Angelica again. Now she tells you to wear your item. With no hesitation, put item on.
  • Talk to her the last time, and you've completed the quest after long cutscene.
  • When you refuse to model and/or you are coming too late, you get the title "Lower than the Lowest Tunnelworm" instead of "Supermodel"
  • If you're not wearing a body piece you may be unable to get this quest, it seems. I was able to get it after equipping one. Then you talk to her to initiate. Wait 10 seconds. Talk again. THEN change into a robe. Or whatever your jobs equipment might be.
  • This quest is timed. If you take too long to come back to this character dressed in the requested item, she will tell you that you are "so yesterday's style" and the quest will end without success.
  • If you take too long, change back into your regular gear, zone, then zone back in and then talk to her twice to redo the quest.
  • +1 versions of your item will not work.

Game Description

Client: Angelica (Hostelry Room, Windurst Waters)

Angelica wants you to model for her next painting, but your taste in clothes doesn't match her current mood. Go find the clothes she likes and come back wearing them... before she changes her mind.
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