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  Start NPC:   Balasiel - Southern San d'Oria (F-7)
  San d'Oria Reputation 1, Level 10+
  Items Needed:   Revival Tree Root
  Title:   Knight in Training
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Spatha
  Previous Quest:   Father and Son
  Next Quest:   A Squire's Test II


Balasiel suggests you look for the root in King Ranperre's Tomb, just ignore this. The only low level monster there that drops the root is the Spook, which is almost always heavily camped by people seeking another item.

Game Description

Client: Balasiel (Watchdog Alley, Southern San d'Oria)

Obtain a revival tree root from a Tainted Hound in East Ronfaure or West Ronfaure.

Game Script

Southern San d'Oria

Balasiel: Take up a sword, my friend. I'll talk to you when you do, and no sooner.

Balasiel: Friend, listen to me. It is not cogs nor levers nor even the mightiest of magicks that protect this kingdom of San d'Oria. No! We Elvaan live by the power of the sword alone. Our blades defend our borders. If you would strengthen your sword arm and learn something of the art, then accept my challenge. What say you? Accept his challenge?


Balasiel: As you wish. Come back when you've grown a spine.≺Prompt≻


Balasiel: Ah, I see you have a stout heart. Now listen well! Go to King Ranperre's Tomb and bring back Revival Tree Root. How, you ask? Use your head. Now begone!

Quest Completion

Balasiel: Ah, I see I was right about you. You've proved your mettle today. Further tempering may forge you into a hero among adventurers.