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Mission Name A Testing Time
Number 2-2
Start NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Requirements Mission: 2-1,
Sufficient Rank Points
Suggested Level 18
Items Needed "Creature Counter" magic doll
Repeatable Yes
Title Granted ---
Reward Rank 2-3, Rank Points
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Lost for Words The Three Kingdoms


  • You can skip this Mission if you turn in a total of 4 stacks of crystals since gaining Rank 2. If you would like to do it though:
  • Talk to the Windurst Gate Guard and accept this Mission.
  • Then go talk to Moreno-Toeno at L-6 in Windurst Waters. He'll send you off to Tahrongi Canyon.
  • Head off to Tahrongi Canyon as quickly as you can. You only have 48 minutes (1 game day) to get there, kill the mobs, and come back. It is recomended that you bring a Scroll of Instant Warp so that you can get back to Windurst quickly.
  • Once in Tahrongi you need to kill at least 30 monsters. As noted before, you only have 1 hour to kill them and get back, so you probably want to go after monsters that will go down quickly.
  • Once finished, go back and talk to Moreno-Toeno again. He will only finish up with you in the last game hour before your time is up (if talked to him the first time at 15:00, then you need to talk to him between 14:00-15:00 on the next day).


  • If you accidentaly accept this Mission, and decide you want to skip it, just talk to Moreno-Toeno as if you were going to do it. Then just come back and talk to him again at least an hour later and fail the Mission. Then you can do the next one if you turn in enough crystals.
  • The first time you repeat this mission, Moreno-Toeno will require you to kill at least 30 monsters in Buburimu Peninsula (This is easily done solo at lvl 25). You will be given two(2) game days to complete this mission. Again, Moreno-Toeno will only finish in the last hour of the 48 game hours given. So, be punctual.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Assist the Aurastery's School of Magic in the selection of the venue for their next skills test. They want to record the number of monsters you can hunt at a specific area, in a set number of days, to fairly standardize their skills test.