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Adventurer's Assistant - Mercenary Rank
Aht Urhgan Whitegate (I-10); upstairs


Abquhbah is the assistant of Naja Salaheem and the NPC who coordinates mercenary affairs. Ask him for your actual progress for the next Rank Promotion. - "How often did he meet Naja's spiky friend? Hmmmm?"

Minor Topics

A Mercenary is a character, who lives at the mercy of President Naja...
Salaheem's Sentinel
The only mercenary group with direct authorization of the Empress herself. Company flyer of Naja says all: "Super dooper, the best of the East"
The Commissions Agency
Agency for the Assault Missions; introduce yourself for more information
Imperial Standing for credits

Topic: Mercenary Assessment (Rank progress)

This is the most important option that Abquahbah offers. You are told indirectly how many Assaults you will need until your next Mercenary Rank promotion. As you progress, you will receive the following dialogue (in order starting with fewest missions completed):

  • "At your current pace, you'll be doomed to a meeting with President Naja's spiky “friend”."
  • "If you want to dig yourself out of that pit, you've got to hit the Commissions Agency and run up some successful Assault missions.... (That's the only option left to you...)"
  • "Hmmm. You seem to be out of the woods as far as being beaten to a pulp goes, but you're still somewhere south of the middle."
  • "Hello... Seems someone has been a good little mercenary. You have some glowing reports from the Commissions Agency here. You've finally pulled yourself up to the borderline between worthless pile of beaten pulp and respectable employee."
  • "Let's see now. A few more successful missions and the president herself might have a word with you. Keep this up and the next mercenary rank is not far off!"

When you are able to rank up, you will be told:

  • "Hello, hello. You'll be hearing from President Naja any day now!"

After getting Promotion Quest, Abquhbah will tell you:

  • "(Poor thing, you'll wish you'd stayed a worthless pile of beaten pulp...)"

Topic: President Naja

Strange and maybe hidden feature at later ranks; he refuses to speak with you about that topic until you get Corporal Rank.

After that you get the three rules of the Sentinels:
Article 1. “Follow President Naja's orders without question!”
Article 2. “Fulfill President Naja's requests without fail!”
Article 3. “Run President Naja's errands without complaint!”

Once you reach the rank of Corporal, Abquhbah will begin offering information regarding President Naja.

  • At the rank of Corporal, Abquhbah will mention that Naja's favorite food is fish. He says her best memory is eating raw Gugrusaurus with Rock Salt and Olive Oil.
  • At the rank of Sergeant Major, Abquhbah will describe what Naja would be doing at a particular time of day: in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening. This dialog reveals that President Naja prefers two cups of Imperial Coffee in the morning.
  • At the rank of Second Lieutenant, Abquhbah will tell you that Naja is originally from Zwha, a nation far to the south (presumably in Tsahya). He explains that his speculations about why she made the trip to Aht Urhgan have made it difficult to sleep, and asks for help curing his insomnia. He asks for a cup of Chamomile Tea, Healing Tea or Mary's Milk. He hopes he doesn't have to resort to using a Sleeping Potion. Trading a cup of Chamomile Tea to Abquhbah (~1:00-3:00, ~9:30 worked) is rewarded with a scroll of Instant Warp. Trading Mary's Milk at 03:40 was rewarded with a scroll of Instant Reraise.