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A hidden stat that is compared with an enemy's evasion to determine whether or not a character will land their next attack.

Accuracy is affected by the character's weapon skill level, their DEX, and any equipment/abilities/traits that directly add to accuracy.

At low levels, 1 skill gives 1 accuracy. When the combat skill exceeds 200, 1 skill gives 0.9 accuracy.

2 points of DEX give 1 accuracy.

  • Since the August update, Two-Handed weapon users have +3 DEX = +4 accuracy
  • Eden uses 4 dex = 3 acc**


  • When combat skill is ≤200
Accuracy = floor(( Combat Skill + floor(DEX/2) + (+accuracy from gear) + (+accuracy from trait and/or ability) ) * (1+ percentage from food effect))
  • When combat skill is >200
Accuracy = floor (( 200+ floor((Combat Skill-200)*0.9) + floor(DEX/2) + (+accuracy from gear) + (+accuracy from trait and/or ability) ) * (1+ percentage from food effect))

Note: floor(number) means rounding down to the nearest whole number - e.g. floor(5/2) = floor(2.5) = 2

When checking a monster, low evasion occurs when attacker accuracy is 10 points higher than the monster's evasion or higher. High evasion occurs when your accuracy is 31 points below the monster's evasion or lower. More precisely, from the point that a mob just stops checking high evasion, adding +40 more accuracy will make it check low evasion.

Each additional point of accuracy raises your Hit Rate by 0.5%. Low Evasion indicates an 80% or higher hit rate on an Even Match monster; this will be higher or lower depending on the monster's level relative to your own.

There is a lower and an upper limit to Hit Rate which are 20% and 95% respectively. Removing and adding accuracy , respectively, beyond those limits doesn't have an effect on your hit rate. In addition, these limits also apply to the monsters' accuracy.


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