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Obtaining the Signal Pearl

You obtain the Signal Pearl which allows you to call your Adventuring Fellow after completing the following quests (in the following order):

  1. Unlisted Qualities - Note: Must be Rank 4 to start
  2. Girl in the Looking Glass
  3. Mirror, Mirror

Adventuring Fellow Names

When completing the quest Unlisted Qualities, you will have the following choices to name your Adventuring Fellow. This is the first step to determining what your Adventuring Fellow will look like.

Hume Hume Elvaan Elvaan Tarutaru Tarutaru Mithra Galka
Feliz Amerita Chanandit Armittie Balu-Falu Cupapa Fhig Lahrv Durib
Ferdinand Beatrice Deulmaeux Cadepure Burg-Ladarg Jajuju Khuma Tagyawhan Dzapiwa
Gunnar Henrietta Demresinaux Clearite Ehgo-Ryuhgo Kalokoko Pimy Kettihl Jugowa
Massimo Jesimae Ephealgaux Epilleve Kolui-Pelui Mahoyaya Raka Maimhov Mugido
Oldrich Karyn Gauldeval Liabelle Nokum-Akkum Pakurara Sahyu Banjyao Voldai
Siegward Nanako Grauffemart Nauthima Savul-Kivul Ripokeke Sufhi Uchnouma Wagwei
Theobald Sharlene Migaifongut Radille Vinja-Kanja Yawawa Tsuim Nhomango Zayag
Zenji Sieghilde Romidiant Vimechue Yarga-Umiga Yufafa Yoli Kohlpaka Zoldof

Adventuring Fellow Face

  • There are three face types for each race and sex combination, and two hair colors for each of those face types. Three NPCs in various parts of Jeuno can be talked to while completing the Unlisted Qualities quest and your answer when talking to them will determine how your NPC Fellow looks. You will only ever need to talk to one of these NPCs to get the face you want for your NPC Fellow, by agreeing to the description they give. You can talk to the other Jeuno NPCs and not agree to the description; the one you actually agree to will lock in your choice. The three NPCs in Jeuno who determine what your NPC Fellow will look like are:
  • After choosing the face type you want, you can select one of two different hair colors for your NPC Fellow. To do this, return to Upper Jeuno and talk to Bheem at F-5. He will verify the name and face style that you have chosen. Then he asks, "By the way, this person's hair wouldn't happen to be my favorite color, would it?" The answer you choose here determines the hair color your NPC Fellow has.
Face Agree with... Bheem Answer Face Agree with... Bheem Answer Face Agree with... Bheem Answer Face Agree with... Bheem Answer
Hume ♂ (face 1a) Red Ghost "Could be" Hume ♂ (face 1b) Red Ghost "Not likely" Hume ♂ (face 3a) Kuah Dakonsa "Could be" Hume ♂ (face 3b) Kuah Dakonsa "Not likely"
Hume ♂ (face 7a) Akta "Could be" Hume ♂ (face 7b) Akta "Not likely" Hume ♀ (face 2a) Red Ghost "Could be" Hume ♀ (face 2b) Red Ghost "Not likely"
Hume ♀ (face 3a) Kuah Dakonsa "Could be" Hume ♀ (face 3b) Kuah Dakonsa "Not likely" Hume ♀ (face 1a) Akta "Could be" Hume ♀ (face 1b) Akta "Not likely"
Elvaan ♂ (face 7a) Red Ghost "Could be" Elvaan ♂ (face 7b) Red Ghost "Not likely" Elvaan ♂ (face 8a) Kuah Dakonsa "Could be" Elvaan ♂ (face 8b) Kuah Dakonsa "Not likely"
Elvaan ♂ (face 2a) Akta "Could be" Elvaan ♂ (face 2b) Akta "Not likely" Elvaan ♀ (face 4a) Red Ghost "Could be" Elvaan ♀ (face 4b) Red Ghost "Not likely"
Elvaan ♀ (face 6a) Kuah Dakonsa "Could be" Elvaan ♀ (face 6b) Kuah Dakonsa "Not likely" Elvaan ♀ (face 1a) Akta "Could be" Elvaan ♀ (face 1b) Akta "Not likely"
Tarutaru ♂ (face 4a) Red Ghost "Could be" Tarutaru ♂ (face 4b) Red Ghost "Not likely" Tarutaru ♂ (face 2a) Kuah Dakonsa "Could be" Tarutaru ♂ (face 2b) Kuah Dakonsa "Not likely"
Tarutaru ♂ (face 3a) Akta "Could be" Tarutaru ♂ (face 3b) Akta "Not likely" Tarutaru ♀ (face 1a) Red Ghost "Could be" Tarutaru ♀ (face 1b) Red Ghost "Not likely"
Tarutaru ♀ (face 4a) Kuah Dakonsa "Could be" Tarutaru ♀ (face 4b) Kuah Dakonsa "Not likely" Tarutaru ♀ (face 2a) Akta "Could be" Tarutaru ♀ (face 2b) Akta "Not likely"
Mithra (face 7a) Red Ghost "Could be" Mithra (face 7b) Red Ghost "Not likely" Mithra (face 6a) Kuah Dakonsa "Could be" Mithra (face 6b) Kuah Dakonsa "Not likely"
Mithra (face 5a) Akta "Could be" Mithra (face 5b) Akta "Not likely" Galka (face 6a) Red Ghost "Could be" Galka (face 6b) Red Ghost "Not likely"
Galka (face 7a) Kuah Dakonsa "Could be" Galka (face 7b) Kuah Dakonsa "Not likely" Galka (face 3a) Akta "Could be" Galka (face 3b) Akta "Not likely"

Leveling Up Your Adventuring Fellow

  • Your Adventuring Fellow will obtain a baseline experience point rate per hour.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow will obtain experience points from killing mobs that would theoretically con Easy Prey or above to him or her. In other words, the experience points gained by your Adventuring Fellow relative to the mob will be based upon your Adventuring Fellow's level and not yours.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow will remain with you for a certain number of kills or a certain length of time, whichever comes first. The number/time increases based on your Adventuring Fellow Bond starting at a minimum of 15 mobs/45 minutes and increasing to a maximum of 30 mobs/90 minutes.
  • You can call your Adventuring Fellow in most zones.
  • Currently you cannot call your Adventuring Fellow in (1) Level capped areas, (2) Burning Circles/Special Arenas, (3) Dynamis, (4) Sky, (5) Sea, (6) Promyvion, with the exception of the Tactics Pearl quest, (7) Cities, (8) Beastmen strongholds of Qulun Dome, Monastic Cavern or Altar Room, (9) Ghelsba Outpost, (10) Treasures of Aht Urhgan zones, (11) Pso'Xja uncapped areas, (12) Dragon's Aery, (13) Fishing Barges (Phanauet Channel & Manaclipper), Ferries, and Airships.
  • You can not call your Adventuring Fellow when you are in the middle of a npc escort, but can call after the npc disappears.
  • You can talk to your NPC when leveling and eventually she/he will tell you how much more experience she/he gained. The actual text of the message will vary depending on the race/sex of your Fellow.
  • 0%-20% into level: "I have recently risen in level. The next level is still quite some distance away." / "I've just gained a level. The next level is still quite a way off."
  • 20%-40% into level: "There is still much work to be done. I must gain more experience if I am to become stronger."
  • 40%-60% into level: "I believe I have almost reached the halfway point to my next level. Let's not rest on our laurels, however!" / "I do believe I'm coming up on halfway to my next level. That was much faster than I expected."
  • 60%-80% into level: "Well well. It appears my next level is not far off at all." / "Come on! I need to gain a little more experience for my next level!" / "Hmm. Not too much further to my next level."
  • 80%-99% into level: "Any time now. My next level is very close indeed." / "Well, what do you know? I think I'll be gaining a level soon." / "Woohoo! I'll be leveling up really soon!" / "Hmm. I should be gaining a level soon."
  • To have your Fellow obtain max XP/kill, at level 30 you must kill mobs at least 4 levels higher than your Fellow, from levels 31 to 50 you must kill mobs at least 3 higher than your Fellow, from levels 51 to 55 you must kill mobs at least 4 higher than your Fellow, from levels 56 to 60 you must kill mobs at least 5 higher than your Fellow and from levels 61+ you must kill mobs at least 6 higher than your Fellow.
Mob Level Difference NPC Level 30 NPC Level 31-50 NPC Level 51-55 NPC Level 56-60 NPC Level 61+
0 100 xp
+1 120 xp 125 xp 130 xp
+2 140 xp 150 xp 160 xp
+3 160 xp 200 xp 200 xp
+4 200 xp 250 xp 240 xp
+5 250 xp 280 xp
+6 300 xp
  • Here is a small list on mobs that should be your targets.
  • If your Fellow is getting max xp/kill, the following chart indicates how many kills are needed to level up.
Level Total XP Mobs
30-31 5800 29
31-32 5900 30
32-33 6000 30
33-34 6100 31
34-35 6200 31
Level Total XP Mobs
35-36 6300 32
36-37 6400 32
37-38 6500 33
38-39 6600 33
39-40 6700 34
Level Total XP Mobs
40-41 6800 34
41-42 6900 35
42-43 7000 35
43-44 7100 36
44-45 7200 36
Level Total XP Mobs
45-46 7300 37
46-47 7400 37
47-48 7500 38
48-49 7600 38
49-50 7700 39
Level Total XP Mobs
50-51 7800 39
51-52 8000 32
52-53 9200 37
53-54 10400 42
54-55 11600 47
Level Total XP Mobs
55-56 12800 52
56-57 14000 56
57-58 15200 61
58-59 16400 66
59-60 17600 71
Level Total XP Mobs
60-61 18800 76
61-62 20000 67
62-63 21500 72
63-64 23000 77
64-65 24500 82

XPing With Your Adventuring Fellow

  • When you fight with your Adventuring Fellow you will receive a 30% reduction in your XP. Your party will not experience any exp reduction. This is similar to the exp system used for Beastmaster pets. (Beastmasters no longer incur an exp reduction from their pets as of version update - August 2007 Update)
  • Your Adventuring Fellow will disappear if you are knocked out.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow will disappear if you zone. (This has been changed in the version update - December 2006 Update)
    • Tried and tested. Adventuring Fellow will not reappear if you zone in and out of an area they cannot be called like with Automatons/Avatars.
    • Adventuring Fellow will follow you if you are teleported anywhere (i.e., Teleport-Mea, etc.)
  • Your Adventuring Fellow will reappear when you log on if you log off the game with him/her out.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow will disappear if you get on a Chocobo (e.g. by Chocobo Whistle).
  • Your Adventuring Fellow will cast level appropriate spells (if set to Healer, Soothing Healer, or Stalwart Shield setting).
  • Your Adventuring Fellow casts only single target type spells on him/herself and you. Your Adventuring Fellow will not cast spells on other members of your party/alliance.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow will not be aggroed by mobs in any way, but will still link if he or she has hate.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow can be cured and buffed by party/alliance members (except party only buffs such as Refresh).
  • Your Adventuring Fellow does not lose experience points when he/she is knocked out.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow will use weapon skills and will skill chain. Your Adventuring Fellow will wait for your TP to reach 100% to unleash a weapon skill if your TP is at least 50% at the time their TP hits 100%. Attacker and Fierce Attacker style NPCs will time their weapon skills better.
  • Weaponskills are more or less random. Your Adventuring Fellow has an 'A+' rating in all weapons and can therefore use all weapon skills of the equipped weapon available at his/her level.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow will only have an A+ in a weapon if a job in the game can have an A+ in that weapon.

For example, your NPC will be able to use Full Break and Tachi: Gekko at level 65 because both Samurai and Warrior are A+ in Great Katana and Great Axe respectively. On the other hand, weapons like Great Sword and Axe which the corresponding jobs only contain a cap of A-, the NPC will have the same A- rating therefore at the 65 level cap Spinning Slash and Mistral Axe will not be accessible.

  • They will learn every weapon skill except the quested and the relic weapon skills for any weapon by level 65 (cap).
  • Your Adventuring Fellow learns "Blessed Radiance" light based weapon skill after successfully completing the Mirror Images quest. The Weapon skill is triggered by your NPC being in red (<50%) HP. Reuse time, if any, is unknown.
  • Your Adventuring Fellow has the same stats no matter what race you choose.
  • You can call your Adventuring Fellow in an alliance/party as long as you adhere to the following:
  • Each party can only have maximum 3 NPCs out at the same zone and time called by a three member party: rule of 6 chars/NPCs maximum.
  • The alliance can be formed with the parties before or after the Adventuring Fellows are called, but its not possible to form an alliance with just a character and his NPC out although it counts as a 2 player party.
  • Every new added character or new called NPC "invited" in a party of 6 kick one of the older NPCs.
  • There is one exception to the normal rule of characters/NPCS being less than or equal to 6 in one party: The NPC program only responds to party members in the same zone, meaning a 6 person party with one member not in the zone, could have one NPC called by one of the other 5.

Adventuring Fellow Bond

  • Similar to Reputation, your Bond with your Adventuring Fellow can be strengthened.
  • Each time you use your Signal Pearl or Tactics Pearl you increase your Adventuring Fellow Bond by 1.
  • Calling your Adventuring Fellow at a Rendezvous Point and selecting the option "Let's chat." increases your Adventuring Fellow Bond by 1 (once per real life day).
  • Throwing away your Signal Pearl decreases your Bond by 5.
  • You can also increase your max Adventuring Fellow Bond by completing the following quests:
  1. Past Reflections
  2. Blighted Gloom
  3. Blessed Radiance
  4. Mirror Images
  • The strength of your bond will make new weapons available to your Adventuring Fellow, will allow you to increase your Adventuring Fellow's level cap, will allow for additional headgear options and increase the time that your Adventuring Fellow will fight by your side.
  • Currently the only known way to decrease your Adventuring Fellow Bond is by dropping your Signal Pearl.
Event Prerequsite Quest
00 15 45 - - - - Mirror, Mirror
05 15 45 Fighting Styles
10 15 50 1 -
15 15 50 -
20 15 55 2 -
25 15 55 -
30 20 55 1 Past Reflections
35 20 55 Tactics Pearl, Picture Perfect Past Reflections
40 20 60 3 -
45 20 60 2 Blighted Gloom
50 20 65 4 - Blighted Gloom
55 20 65 3 Regaining Trust
60 20 70 5 1 -
65 20 70 4 Chameleon Capers
70 25 75 Blessed Radiance
75 25 75 5 2 - Blessed Radiance
80 25 80 Mixed Signals
85 25 80 Mirror Images
90 25 80 6 6 -
95 25 80 3 - Mirror Images
100 25 85 -
105 25 85 7 -
110 25 85 7 -
115 25 85 8 -
120 30 90 -

Adventuring Fellow Combat Styles

After your Adventuring Fellow Bond increases a little, you can set your Adventuring Fellow to be a healer type, attacker type or shield type at a Rendezvous Point.

After completing the Chameleon Capers quest, you will be be offered additional styles (you can also trade with other players to aquire the manuals which teach your Fellow the additional styles). These styles have the same features as the basic styles, but add new features.

  • Soothing Healer - Heals and remedies ailments more frequently. Will also use enfeebling magic more intelligently.
  • Stalwart Shield - Same as normal "Shield", but now will also Cure self when under 60% HP. Auto Refresh included.
  • Fierce Attacker - Uses additional Weapon Skills, will notify you when at 90% TP, and Double Attack happens more frequently.
  • Note: Healer and Soothing Healer will place their partners in top priority, whether it be curing or healing ailments.
  • Note: Stalwart Shield acts as a Paladin with a Warrior support job, and will therefore use spells according to a Paladin's level. Also, it means that at level 50, your NPC will acquire Double Attack. Stalwart and normal Shield NPCs will also prioritize you when using Provoke.
  • Note: Attacker and Fierce Attacker act as a Warrior with a Monk support job. This means that at level 25 and higher, your NPC will have Double Attack, and at level 20 and higher, he or she will have Counter. It also means that when equipped with Hand-to-Hand, they will have a chance to Guard.

You can trade, buy and sell the specific T.M. Manuals (see Chameleon Capers quest), with other player characters, before the quest is even available to you and you are able to use them.

If your bond decreases to less than 5 (by throwing away your Signal Pearl) you will not have the option to change combat styles untill Bond reaches 5 again.

Adventuring Fellow Level Caps

Upon first obtaining your Signal Pearl, your Adventuring Fellow will start at level 30 and will not be able to exceed level 50. As your Bond with your Adventuring Fellow increases, and as the level of your Adventuring Fellow increases, you will be able to start the following Adventuring Fellow level cap quests.

Obtaining the Tactics Pearl

1. Upon obtaining sufficient Adventuring Fellow Bond (about level 33+), summon your NPC at a Rendezvous Point and select the "Let's talk about quests" option to hear a message about the Emptiness. The text will be similar to this:

Actually, I've been requested to carry out an investigation of the Emptiness. It appears to be a most complicated phenomenon. If I may, I would like to have your assistance in this matter. I have no strict timetable, so please come along when you are ready.

  • Note: Your NPC will only mention the Emptiness once per week.
  • Note: You cannot call your NPC in Promyvion unless you have 33 points of bond, despite the fact that your NPC may mention this quest before you have 33 points of bond. The cap of bond is 30 until you finish the Past Reflections quest.
  • In order to hear this speech, you must have access to the Promyvions (See "The Rites of Life" and "Below the Arks").

2. Enter Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Holla, or Promyvion - Mea. There should be a Rendezvous Point as soon as you enter. Check the point and you will get a cutscene with your NPC, thanking you for coming out. After this, your NPC will be summoned.

  • It is not necessary to have the Signal Pearl with you to start or complete this quest.

3. You will have 45 minutes with your NPC to find a "???."

4. When you kill monsters in Promyvion, your NPC will gather experience. The maximum amount of experience that can be obtained is 2,200. You can only kill a maximum of 30 monsters for maximum experience in that time period.

Spire Floor 1 ??? Locations Floor 2 ??? Locations Floor 3 ??? Locations Floor 4 ??? Locations
Holla H-7 G-9 E-6, L-5 L-11
Dem J-12 E-9 F-6, G-12 K-8
Mea F-4 F-10 E-7, K-9 I-5
Total Experience Points (Monsters Killed x 40) + (300) (Monsters Killed x 40) + (500) (Monsters Killed x 40) + (750) (Monsters Killed x 40) + (1000)
  • The amount of Experience Points your NPC receives will depend on which floor you check the ???.
  • The easiest ??? to solo is on the first floor of Promyvion - Mea.

5. When you find the ???, check it. Your NPC will get experience for the monsters you've killed and you will have the option to warp back to entrance of the Promyvion.

6. Return to a Rendezvous Point in any city and call your NPC.

7. Your NPC will give you a Tactics Pearl, which will allow you to summon your NPC every 10 minutes.

  • Calling your NPC with a Tactics Pearl is the same as if called with the Signal Pearl.
  • You can only obtain one Tactics Pearl every week (resets after the Conquest Tally)
  • You must drop your old Tactics Pearl before you can get a new one. Dropping your Tactics Pearl will not lower your NPC affinity.
  • You must speak to your NPC about quests before going back to the respective Promyvion.
  • You must repeat the Promyvion quest.
  • If you fail the quest, it can be repeated the next real-life day (after midnight, JST).

Adventuring Fellow Weapons

As your Bond with your Adventuring Fellow increases, Luto Mewrilah will offer to take weapons from you and pass them along to your Adventuring Fellow. What type of weapon you trade to Luto will determine:

  1. What type of weapon skills your Adventuing Fellow will perform.
  2. How often he/she hits and for what amount of damage.
  3. How your NPC looks.

So, if you trade a dagger to Luto, your Adventuing Fellow will perform dagger weaponskills, will swing quickly for small amounts of damage, and will be seen wielding a dagger. Likewise, if you trade a scythe to Luto, your Adventuing Fellow will perform scythe weaponskills, will swing slowly for larger amounts of damage and will be seen holding a scythe.

Your Adventuring Fellow has an 'A+' rating in all weapons and can therefore use all weaponskills of the equipped weapon available at his/her level. Note that the specific weapon's level and damage rating do not affect the damage done with it by the NPC. Thus, the Kiku-Ichimonji (Level 51, DMG 66) does the same damage as the Uchigatana (Level 12, DMG 24) when used by your NPC. Also note that if you trade a one-handed weapon to Luto, you can also trade a shield.

There are seven weapon levels and thirteen weapon types (including shields). Thus, upon receiving the first message from Luto, you have thirteen weapon choices. Upon receiving the level 7 message, you can trade 91 different weapons to Luto for your NPC.

Luto's chat messages for each level:

  1. PC, I have a question for you. How do you go about choosing a weapon?
  2. NPC told me he was thinking about upgrading his weapon.
  3. About NPC's weapon...I think your pal is looking for a new one again.
  4. I thought a new weapon or shield would make a nice gift in thanks for all the hard work your frrriend has done for me.
  5. PC, the weapon that NPC is using is not the one that I gave him...
  6. I saw NPC going into a weapon store carrying one of our gifts...
  7. There was a moogle wandering along carrying some weapons.....Oh, that reminds me, if you want to give me something for NPC, I'll be happy to do the honors.

Warning!* Certain weapons utilize AoE Weapon Skills, which can be dangerous for you and your NPC. It may be wise to avoid giving your NPC this type of weapon after your NPC reaches the following levels.

Weapon Weapon Skill NPC Level
Staff Earth Crusher 30
Scythe Spinning Scythe 41
Dagger Cyclone 41
Hand-to-Hand Spinning Attack 49
Sword Circle Blade 49
Great Sword Shockwave 49
   Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7
Axes Bronze Axe Brass Axe Battleaxe War Pick Mythril Axe Tabar Mythril Pick
Clubs Bronze Mace Bronze Hammer Willow Wand Brass Rod Bone Cudgel Bone Rod Darksteel Mace
Daggers* Bronze Dagger Brass Dagger Baselard Kukri Kris Bone Knife Darksteel Knife
Katana Kunai Wakizashi Hibari Busuto Kodachi Sakurafubuki Kabutowari
Swords* Bronze Sword Xiphos Scimitar Longsword Tuck Tulwar Schlaeger
Shields Lauan Shield Shell Shield Aspis Mahogany Shield Kite Shield Targe Heater Shield
Hand-to-Hand* Cesti Bronze Knuckles Baghnakhs Claws Katars Patas Jamadhars
Great Axes Butterfly Axe Greataxe Hydro Axe Voulge Twicer Heavy Axe Hydro Cutter
Great Katana Uchigatana Nodachi Kanesada Ashura Hosodachi Mikazuki Kiku-Ichimonji
Great Swords* Claymore Two-Handed Sword Inferno Sword Falx Mythril Claymore Greatsword Ram-Dao
Polearms Harpoon Bronze Spear Spear Lance Halberd Mythril Lance Kamayari
Scythes* Bronze Zaghnal Brass Zaghnal Scythe Zaghnal Mythril Scythe Mythril Zaghnal Mandibular Sickle
Staves* Ash Staff Holly Staff Holly Pole Spiked Club Oak Staff Oak Pole Quarterstaff

Adventuring Fellow Equipment

  • The equipment that your Adventuring Fellow wears does not affect his or her statistics; it's only for looks.
  • As your Bond with your Adventuring Fellow increases, you will be given the option to "lock in" certain equipment that your NPC is wearing. This option appears at a Rendezvous Point under the heading "Fashionable Equipment." When you select one of the equipment options under the Fashionable Equipment sub menu, you will lock in that piece of equipment so that it will not change regardless of where you choose to level.
  • Your NPC will initially ask you what he or she should keep. If you answer "none", your NPC will respond as if he or she is disappointed. This means that nothing is locked and all four pieces of armor could change. Once you choose a piece of armor to lock, then all other pieces that you did not select will still be changeable. As your bond increases, you will be able to lock more than once armor piece at a time because immediately following your choice of armor piece, your NPC will ask "What else?", then, you will be able to select from a list of the three still unlocked armor pieces to keep.
  • There are three armor locks available, each gained as your Adventuring Fellow Bond increases.
  • Armor will change based on a currently unknown formula. See Adventuring Fellow Equipment for a collection of theories and facts about changing your Adventuring Fellow's equipment.

Windurst (Healer-type gear)

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Doublet Gloves Brais Gaiters
2 Trader's Saio Trader's Cuffs Trader's Slops Trader's Pigaches
3 Seer's Tunic Seer's Mitts Seer's Slacks Seer's Pumps
4 Gambison Bracers Hose Socks
5 Wool Robe Wool Cuffs Wool Slops Chestnut Sabots
6 Holy Breastplate Cuffs Slops Ash Clogs
7 T.M. Coat T.M. Cuffs T.M. Slops T.M. Pigaches
8 Earth Doublet Silk Mitts Silk Slacks Silk Pumps
9 Austere Robe Austere Cuffs Austere Slops Austere Sabots
10 Noble's Tunic Noble's Mitts Noble's Slacks Noble's Pumps

Bastok (Attacker-type gear)

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Lizard Jerkin Lizard Gloves Lizard Trousers Lizard Ledelsens
2 Chainmail Chain Mittens Chain Hose Greaves
3 Coral Scale Mail C. Fing. Gauntlets Coral Cuisses Coral Greaves
4 Kenpogi Tekko Sitabaki Kyahan
5 Shade Harness Shade Mittens Shade Tights Shade Leggings
6 Banded Mail Mufflers Breeches Sollerets
7 Raptor Jerkin Raptor Gloves Raptor Trousers Raptor Ledelsens
8 Shinobi Gi Shinobi Tekko Shinobi Hakama Shinobi Kyahan
9 R.K. Chainmail R.K. Mufflers R.K. Breeches R.K. Sollerets
10 Gavial Mail G. Fing. Gauntlets Gavial Cuisses Gavial Greaves

San d'Oria (Shield-type gear)

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Scale Mail S. Fing. Gauntlets Scale Cuisses Scale Greaves
2 Breastplate Gauntlets Cuisses Plate Leggings
3 Mythril Breastplate Mythril Gauntlets Mythril Cuisses Mythril Leggings
4 Eisenbrust Eisenhentzes Eisendiechlings Eisenschuhs
5 Carap. Breastplate Carap. Gauntlets Iron Cuisses Iron Greaves
6 I.M. Cuirass I.M. Gauntlets I.M. Cuisses I.M. Sabatons
7 Hara-Ate Kote Haidate Sune-Ate
8 Scorp. Breastplate Scorp. Gauntlets Steel Cuisses Steel Greaves
9 Darksteel Cuirass Dksteel Gauntlets Darksteel Cuisses Dksteel Sabatons
10 Adaman Cuirass Adaman Gauntlets Adaman Cuisses Adaman Sabatons

Beastman (Misc. gear)

Rank Body Hands Legs Feet
1 Level 1 RSE Level 1 RSE Level 1 RSE Level 1 RSE
2 Chocobo J. Coat Fish. Gloves Vagabond's Hose Field Boots
3 Bronze Harness No armor Bronze Subligar Solea
4 Level ~30 RSE Level ~30 RSE Level ~30 RSE Level ~30 RSE
5 Blue Cotehardie Chocobo Gloves Fisherman's Hose Vagabond's Boots
6 Scorpion Harness Carpenter's Gloves Zodiac Subligar No armor
7 Justaucorps Battle Bracers Battle Hose Battle Boots
8 Coral Harness Coral Mittens Coral Subligar Coral Leggings
9 Cardinal Vest Mitts Slacks Shoes
10 Demon's Harness Bronze Mittens Femina Subligar Bronze Leggings

Adventuring Fellow Headgear

As your Adventuring Fellow Bond grows stronger, you will be presented with the following headgear choices for your NPC to wear. They are for cosmetic purposes only. Your NPC does not obtain the stats from these items. These headgear options are chosen at a Rendezvous Point. Which options you will get depend on the race/sex/face of your Adventuring Fellow.

Face Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Elvaan ♂ (face 8a)  Elvaan ♂ (face 8b) Leather Bandana Iron Visor Trader's Chapeau Iron Mask Mythril Sallet Tiger Helm War Beret Austere Hat
Tarutaru ♂ (face 3a)  Tarutaru ♂ (face 3b)
Hume ♂ (face 7a)  Hume ♂ (face 7b)
Elvaan ♂ (face 2a)  Elvaan ♂ (face 2b) Iron Mask Bone Mask Gavial Mask Carapace Helm Scorpion Helm Celata Alumine Salade Darksteel Armet
Tarutaru ♂ (face 4a)  Tarutaru ♂ (face 4b)
Galka (face 6a)  Galka (face 6b)
Elvaan ♂ (face 7a)  Elvaan ♂ (face 7b) Faceguard Velvet Hat Noct Beret Shade Tiara Banded Helm Black Ribbon Iron Mask Green Beret
Hume ♂ (face 3a)  Hume ♂ (face 3b)
Galka (face 3a)  Galka (face 3b)
Hume ♀ (face 1a)  Hume ♀ (face 1b) Blue Ribbon Headgear Scarlet Ribbon Coral Cap Garish Crown Coeurl Mask Velvet Hat Shinobi Hachigane
Tarutaru ♀ (face 1a)  Tarutaru ♀ (face 1b)
Mithra (face 5a)  Mithra (face 5b)
Galka (face 7a)  Galka (face 7b) Hachimaki Sallet Zunari Kabuto Scarlet Ribbon Trader's Chapeau Red Cap Ogre Mask Scorpion Helm
Tarutaru ♂ (face 2a)  Tarutaru ♂ (face 2b)
Hume ♂ (face 1a)  Hume ♂ (face 1b)
Elvaan ♀ (face 4a)  Elvaan ♀ (face 4b) Green Ribbon Bronze Cap Velvet Hat Trader's Chapeau Circlet Noct Beret Tiger Helm Silk Hat
Mithra (face 7a)  Mithra (face 7b)
Tarutaru ♀ (face 4a)  Tarutaru ♀ (face 4b)
Elvaan ♀ (face 1a)  Elvaan ♀ (face 1b) Bronze Cap Faceguard Shade Tiara Velvet Hat Noct Beret Purple Ribbon Banded Helm Errant Hat
Mithra (face 6a)  Mithra (face 6b)
Elvaan ♀ (face 6a)  Elvaan ♀ (face 6b) Circlet Trader's Chapeau Garish Crown Silk Hat Red Cap Iron Mask Bascinet Noble's Crown
Hume ♀ (face 3a)  Hume ♀ (face 3b)
Hume ♀ (face 2a)  Hume ♀ (face 2b) Seer's Crown Silk Hat Circlet Noct Beret Bascinet Trader's Chapeau Headgear Crow Beret
Tarutaru ♀ (face 2a)  Tarutaru ♀ (face 2b)

Increasing Your NPC's Statistics

  • As noted above, the armor and headgear above are for cosmetic purposes only. Your NPC does not obtain the stats from these items.
  • The following weapons will increase your NPC's statistics when equipped by you:
  • The following equipment (all level 70), when worn by you, will increase your NPCs statistics:
  • Hydra Cap = HP+10, MP+10, INT+2
  • Hydra Jupon = HP+20, MP+20, VIT+2
  • Hydra Bracers = HP+10, MP+10, DEX+2
  • Hydra Hose = HP+10, MP+10, STR+2
  • Hydra Boots = HP+10, MP+10, AGI+2
  • The full set will give your NPC an additional HP+60, MP+60, INT+2, DEX+2, VIT+2, STR+2 and AGI+2.
  • These items are obtained in Dynamis - Tavnazia.

Obtaining A New Adventuring Fellow

  • If you ever decide you want to change your NPC Fellow into another face type, race or sex, you can restart after completing the quest Mirror, Mirror. Talk to Luto Mewrilah and choose I want to quit this task and verify you want to get rid of your current NPC Fellow, and you will entirely lose your current Fellow and be able to complete the quests all over again, choosing a different NPC Fellow.

You will be required to return your Signal Pearl, and Tactics Pearl if you currently have one, to Luto to start over with a new NPC Fellow. If you have dropped your Signal Pearl you can get a new one by going to any Rendezvous Point and requesting a new one.

Special thanks to Allakhazam users for information.

Miscellaneous: Adventuring Fellow Affiliated/Related Quests