Start NPC: Ratihb - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-12),
Cutscene NPC Zweeha
Corsair 50 + , completed Navigating the Unfriendly Seas
Items Needed:
Title: Paragon of Corsair Excellence
Repeatable: Yes, after erasing AF memory
Reward: Corsair's Tricorne

Previous Quest: Navigating the Unfriendly Seas
Next Quest: Breaking the Bonds of Fate


Caedarva Mire 2

1) Talk to Ratihb at the Tea House in Whitegate (J-12) as Corsair after completing Navigating the Unfriendly Seas to receive a cutscene with Zweeha and receive life float (key item). This key item is the access pass to a 6-person BCNM fight.
(Talking to Ratihb is incorrect, the cs is triggered by approaching the tea house, you can aquire another Life-float from Wasuhd by talking to Ratihb should you fail. i confirmed this myself after speaking to Ratihb multiple times as COR did not yield a cs or key-item and attempting to leave & zone triggered the scene).

  • Note that if you do fail the BC on The Ashu Talif, you can only obtain one key item "Life Float" per real life day. If you received your key item, attempted the BC and failed in the same real life day, you must wait until the next JST Midnight to receive another key item to gain access to re-enter the BC.

2) Head to Dvucca Isle Staging Point.

3) Next, head out into Caedarva Mire and run straight to the entrance of Arrapago Reef (G-9). (Entrance 3 on the map.)

4) Once in, go straight and to the right. You will see a ship on your left (H-8), walk up to it and get a cutscene.

5) After the cutscene walk to the ship itself. When ready, click on the "Cutter" to enter the BCNM. We are now on The Ashu Talif

  • The fight is uncapped, up to 6 players vs 1 Hume WAR Yazquhl and 1 Galka BLU Gowam
  • Both the Galka and Hume are HIGHLY resistant to sleep, even with the use of Elemental Seal. Lullaby may still work. Gravity and Bind went unresisted however.

6) After the BCNM you get a cutscene, get the Corsair's Tricorne, and will be released at (H-11) in Arrapago Reef.

Game Description


Ratihb - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-12), Cutscene NPC Zweeha


Qultada has been captured by the Empire. Head to Arrapago with the Seagull Phratrie crew and save your captain!
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