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  Mission Name:   ToAUM-13: Lost Kingdom
  Start NPC:   Pyopyoroon (H-7) - Nashmau
  Requirements:   Treasures of Aht Urhgan
  Suggested Level:   70+
  Title:   Royal Swordsman
  Repeatable:   No
  Previous Mission:   Royal Puppeteer
  Next Mission:   The Dolphin Crest



Caedarva Mire

  • Go to the cemetery at (E-10), where you find a target point called "Jazaraat's Headstone".
  • The headstone will need to be checked a total of three times:
  1. Check the headstone once to trigger a short cutscene. Everyone in party must check it once for cutscene.
  2. When everyone is ready to fight, have one person check the headstone again to spawn an NM Jazaraat (Fomor)
    • NM Jazaraat has all Fomor weapons skills and the two-hour Wild Card.
    • Trivially easy for a party of six Lv75s. Is easily duo-able by 75 NIN & WHM. Duo-able by a 72PLD/36BRD(Mambo, Ballad(Yourself) and Cure) and a 75THF/37NIN Soloable by a 70+ BST but he hits fairly hard (I recall a critical for 371 at level 75 with an Earth Staff). Soloable by patient, skilled 70+ SMN without bloodpacts, using Carbuncle with Carbuncle Mitts. Soloable by a 75 RDM (40m) and Duo-Able by an RDM and BLM (both 75 with BLM nuke/zoning hate). Also easily Soloable by 75 Ninja using eva gear, and enfeebles. Also Duo-Able by a Bard/White Mage for healing and a 75 Thief/Ninja using x2 Mambo.
    • Also Soloed by a Blu/Nin 75. Use Squid Sushi and Yagudo Drink for a easy battle, Head Butt is your friend.
    • Be careful not to do this fight at night because the Guard Skeletons will aggro.
    • Your best bet is to wait until night has ended and the Guard Skeletons have de-spawned. Have the person who needs this completed pop Jazaraat and someone with gravity (or something similar to it) should cast and take the hate, along with the rest of the PT, back towards the zone. Once there you can begin the battle without having to worry about aggro (nothing will aggro even a level 1 here) and there are no skeleton spawns at night. Another benefit is your newly found proximity to the zone itself, allowing for the perfect getaway, should things go horribly wrong.
  3. Check the headstone again to receive another cutscene and the key item: Ephramadian Gold Coin.
    • Do not zone out of Caedarva Mire without obtaining the key item!
    • If you do not get the key item, you will need to fight the NM again.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Pyopyoroon of Nashmau has advised you to head west to a place with many "stooones" to find a special "ghooost." Perhaps it will lead you the ghost ship...