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Protected by tall ramparts, the impregnable fortress city of Al Zahbi serves as the capital of the western half of the vast Empire of Aht Urhgan. The city resembles a labyrinth, with the roofs of stone buildings joining to form paths around structures built on a higher level. The serpentine designs seen throughout the city represent the two-headed snake king Zahak, a symbol of the Empire. This section of the city is the Merchant’s Ward. This diverse ward is home to merchants and craftsmen who provide their services to the area’s throngs of traders, mercenaries, and adventurers from foreign lands. The district also features two ports, one facing the inland sea to the north and another facing the open sea to the south. The Merchant’s Ward also serves as a western gate to the Empire.

This area is only accessible if the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion is installed and The Road to Aht Urhgan quest is completed.

Connecting Areas

Al Zahbi at (E-8/9)
Mhaura via Ferry - Mhaura/Al Zahbi (H-12)
Nashmau via Ferry - Nashmau/Al Zahbi (I-5)
Bhaflau Thickets via tunnel at (H-7)
Wajaom Woodlands via tunnel at (H-10)
Chocobo Circuit via gate at (G-6)
The Colosseum via gate at (K-11)
Mount Zhayolm (Halvung Staging Point) via Chamber of Passage (L-7)
Caedarva Mire (Azouph Isle Staging Point/Dvucca Isle Staging Point) via Chamber of Passage (L-7)
Bhaflau Thickets (Mamool Ja Staging Point) via Chamber of Passage (L-7)
Arrapago Reef (Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point) via Chamber of Passage (L-7)
Alzadaal Undersea Ruins (Nyzul Isle Staging Point) via Chamber of Passage (L-7)
Jeuno or your current Nation via Kaduru-Haiduru (G-10)

If you see a quest that is listed as Yes but is not working properly please report it on GitHub. Make sure to list as many details as possible when describing what is not working. If there happens to already be a report on that quest regarding your problem, just add your experience to that report.


Yes = Quest is in game and working

Yes but bugged = Quest is in game but not working properly and being worked on or in que to be worked on.

No = Not in game yet but is planned

Involved in Quests/Missions






  A Taste of Honey General Qutiba   K-12   1 Yes
  Against All Odds AF (COR) Ratihb   J-12   None Yes
  An Empty Vessel Job (BLU) Waoud   J-10   None Yes
  Arts and Crafts Coins Hadahda   F-10   1 Yes
  Beginnings AF (BLU) Waoud   J-10   None Yes
  Delivering the Goods Coins Fochacha   I-9   1 Yes
  Finding Faults General Hishahma   K-8   1 No
  Five Seconds of Fame General Balakaf   I-5   1 No
  Get the Picture Coins Balakaf   I-5   1 No
  Give Peace a Chance Coins Mishhar   H-8   1 Yes
  Got It All General Tehf Kimasnahya   F-8   1 Yes
  Keeping Notes Mog Exit Ahkk Jharcham   I-10   1 Yes
  Led Astray General Mhasbaf   J-8   None Yes
  Luck of the Draw Job (COR) Ratihb   J-12   None Yes
  Moment of Truth General Mishhar   H-8   1 No
  No Strings Attached Job (PUP) Iruki-Waraki   K-9   None Yes
  Olduum General Dkhaaya   G-9   1 Yes
  Omens AF (BLU) Waoud   J-10   None Yes
  Operation Teatime AF (PUP) Iruki-Waraki   K-9   None Yes
  Promotion: Private First Class Assault Rank Naja Salaheem   I-10   None Yes
  Promotion: Superior Private Assault Rank Naja Salaheem   I-10   None No
  Promotion: Lance Corporal Assault Rank Naja Salaheem   I-10   None No
  Promotion: Corporal Assault Rank Naja Salaheem   I-10   None No
  Promotion: Sergeant Assault Rank Naja Salaheem   I-10   None No
  Promotion: Sergeant Major Assault Rank Naja Salaheem   I-10   None No
  Promotion: Chief Sergeant Assault Rank Abquhbah   I-10   None No
  Promotion: Second Lieutenant Assault Rank Naja Salaheem   I-10   None No
  Promotion: First Lieutenant Assault Rank Naja Salaheem   I-10   None No
  Puppetmaster Blues AF (PUP) Iruki-Waraki   K-9   None Yes
  Saga of the Skyserpent Coins Fari-Wari   K-12   1 Yes
  Striking a Balance Coins Saliyahf   G-7   1 No
  Such Sweet Sorrow General Dabhuh   K-11   1 Yes
  The Art of War General Hishahma   K-8   1 No
  The Beast Within Level Cap (BLU) Waoud   J-10   None Yes
  The Die Is Cast General Ratihb   J-12   1 Yes
  The Prankster Map Ahaadah   G-6   1 Yes
  The Prince and the Hopper General Maudaal   E-9   Unknown Yes
  The Wayward Automaton AF (PUP) Iruki-Waraki   K-9   None Yes
  Three Men and a Closet Coins Kubhe Ijyuhla   I-8   None No
  Transformations AF (BLU) Waoud   J-10   None Yes
  Two Horn the Savage Coins Milazahn   G-8   1 No
  Vanishing Act Coins Ulamaal   K-12   1 Yes


Fish Cap Body of Water
5 Port Al Zahbi
5 Port Ephramad

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Abda-Lurabda I-7
Abquhbah I-10 Adventurer's Assistant
Ahaadah G-6
Ahkk Jharcham I-10
Amajal L-8
Arzizah L-9
Asrahd I-8 Imperial Gate Guard
Atiza I-6
Bajahb J-11 Standard Merchant
Balakaf I-5
Baya Hiramayuh H-12 Adventurer's Assistant
Bhoy Yhupplo L-9 Assault Mission Giver
Bujahwa F-9
Burnished Bones H-11
Cacaroon G-11
Dabhuh K-11
Dhima Polevhia J-8
Dkhaaya G-9
Drahbah F-6 Appraiser
Dwago I-6 Standard Merchant
Ekhu Pesshyadha H-6
Esoteric Hound H-11
Famad L-10 Assault Mission Giver
Fayeewah K-12 Standard Merchant
Fochacha I-9
Fubruhn F-11 Mog Locker Administrator
Furious Boulder I-6
Galzweesh H-6
Gathweeda G-5 Guild Merchant
Gavrie F-8 Standard Merchant
Ghatsad I-7
Giehnz K-10
Gigirk I-7
Hadahda F-10
Hadayah G-5 Guild Craftsman
Hagakoff K-10 Standard Merchant
Hajawaa H-8 Armor Storer
Hajaom J-10
Halbeeya K-12
Hamnahb F-9
Hashayra K-11
Hishahma K-8
Hugo F-10 Map Marker
Iruki-Waraki K-9
Isdebaaq L-10 Assault Mission Giver
Jarafah I-9 Event Item Storer
Jumaaf K-9
Kabihyam J-8
Kaduru-Haiduru G-10 Teleporter
Kalimahf E-8
Kamnahb K-11
Kantila K-10
Kazween E-6 Item Deliverer
Kelsha-Melansha J-11
Kemha Flashp H-11 Guild Craftsman
Khaf Jhifanm H-11 Standard Merchant
Koyol-Futenol E-9 Title Changer
Kubhe Ijyuhla I-8
Kuhmden J-8
Kuhn Tsahnpri I-5 Adventurer's Assistant
Kulh Amariyo I-10 Standard Merchant
Lageegee L-9 Assault Mission Giver
Lathuya F-8
Mafwahb L-9
Malfud F-8 Standard Merchant
Name Location Type
Mariyaam E-6 Item Deliverer
Mathlouq F-5
Matifa H-9
Maudaal E-9 Quest Giver
Mazween G-7 Standard Merchant
Mhasbaf J-8
Milazahn G-8
Mishhar H-8
Mulnith F-9 Standard Merchant
Musdahl J-8
Mushayra F-10
Muyadah I-6
Nadee Periyaha H-9
Nadeey K-7
Nafiwaa G-5
Naja Salaheem I-10
Nijaom F-7
Nonoroon I-11
Ohsi Shomahl L-10
Prillaure E-8 Event Scene Replayer
Qahzwin K-8
Qulsun K-10
Qutiba K-12
Ratihb J-12
Riyadahf I-10 Map Dealer
Rodin-Comidin I-7
Rubahah F-9 Standard Merchant
Rujen-Gorgen F-8 Adventurer's Assistant
Rytaal K-10
Sajaaya H-9 Weather Checker
Sajahb H-7
Saliyahf G-7
Saluhwa H-7 Standard Merchant
Sashosho K-11
Shahau F-5 Guild Craftsman
Shahbizu I-6
Shajaf F-8
Sharin-Garin L-8 Adventurer's Assistant
Somnolent Rooster I-6
Sorrowful Sage L-9 Assault Mission Giver
Sulbahn F-5 Guild Craftsman
Tafeesa F-9
Talwahn F-9
Tateeya I-7
Tazhaal H-11
Tehf Kimasnahya F-8
Teteroon G-10
Tohka Telposkha I-8
Tsih Kolgimih I-8 Event Scene Replayer
Ubahrid I-8
Ugahar K-7
Ugrihd G-9 Imperial Merchant
Ulamaal K-12
Wahnid H-11 Guild Merchant
Wahraga G-5 Guild Merchant
Waoud J-10
Wazyih F-11
Yafaaf J-12 Standard Merchant
Yahsra L-10 Assault Mission Giver
Zabahf F-8
Zaranf H-8
Zarfhid H-11
Zhamwaa F-10 Residence Renter
Zubyahn K-12
Zwinam H-10
Zyfhil F-9