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Providing access from The Republic of Bastok to The Grand Duchy of Jeuno, the airships provide a fast, reliable mode of transport for both travelers and cargo. This route was the first regular route established, in 875 CE.

This area is only accessible if you have the Airship Pass Key Item.

Connecting Areas

Port Jeuno
Port Bastok

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Michele Airship Lookout
Name Location Type
Dereck Airship Captain

Daily Schedule (Vana'diel Time)

Arrives Bastok
(Boarding for Jeuno)

Departs Bastok

Arrives Jeuno
(Boarding for Bastok)

Departs Jeuno

00:10 01:10 03:10 04:10
06:10 07:10 09:10 10:10
12:10 13:10 15:10 16:10
18:10 19:10 21:10 22:10
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