Ajido-Marujido is the "rogue" Minister of Windurst's Orastery, the Ministry of Windurst that oversees the use of magic and the training of mages. He is also the son of the creator of the Cardians and the former Minister of the Manustery Zonpa-Zippa, and is the brother of current Manustery Minister Apururu. Although a very powerful mage and a well-respected public figure, he is always getting himself or a random adventurer into trouble in his pursuit for the truth about Windurst and its past. Although labeled as unpredictable and a rogue, he cares deeply about the future of Windurst and its well-being, even more so than his reputation and his political career.

He is introduced to us as a "Child Genius" student in one of the early Wings of the Goddess missions. Even then he has a flair for getting himself, and you, into trouble. He later becomes one of Shantotto's pupils prior to his role of minister of the Orastery

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