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Apollyon is an area in Limbus. This area is only accessible if the Chains of Promathia expansion is installed, Promathia Mission 7-5:The Warrior's Path is completed, and the necessary Limbus prerequisites are met.

Apollyon looks much like Promyvion. It is presumably "Promyvion - Al'Taieu" and the place where things absorbed by the Emptiness go. It was originally going to be called "Lower Promyvion". Trading all four colored chips (found in all four initial areas) to either of the two Matter Diffusion Modules in Al'Taieu at time of entry will open access to Central Apollyon, where Proto-Omega may be fought.

Area layout is as follows:

NW Apollyon

Enemy Type Boss
L1: Bardha x7
L2: Mountain Buffalo x7 Zlatorog
L3: Apollyon Scavenger x7
Millenary Mossback
L4: Gorynich x5
L5: Kronprinz Behemoth x3 Kaiser Behemoth

Obtain: Magenta Chip

NE Apollyon

Enemy Type Boss
L1: Barometz x6
Borametz x6
Goobbue Harvester
L2: Cornu x4
Sirin x4
Thiazi x2
Bialozar x2
L3: Apollyon Cleaner x12
(Magic Pots)
Apollyon Sweeper x3
L4: Kerkopes x8
L5: Troglodyte Dhalmel x8 Criosphinx

Obtain: Smoky Chip

SW Apollyon

L1: Fir Bholg x10 (Fomor)
L2: Jidra x8 (Treants)

Spawns one of the following at random on each defeat:
Arboricole Beetle, Arboricole Crawler, Arboricole Hornet, Arboricole Opo-opo, Arboricole Raven, Arboricole Spider, Apollyon Sapling

L3: Armoury Crates (Mimics)
L4: Elementals that do not aggro, but link by type:

Air Elemental x3, Dark Elemental x3, Earth Elemental x3, Fire Elemental x3, Ice Elemental x3, Light Elemental x3, Thunder Elemental x3, Water Elemental x3

Obtain: Charcoal Chip

SE Apollyon

Enemy Type Boss
L1: Metalloid Amoeba x8 Ghost Clot
L2: Adamantshell x8
(Sea Monk)
L3: Inhumer x8
Grave Digger
L4: Flying Spear x8
(Evil Weapons)
Evil Armory
(Evil Weapon)

Obtain: Smalt Chip

CS Apollyon

Requires: Metal Chip
Na'Qba Chirurgeon (Quadav WHM) and helpers
Carnagechief Jackbodokk (Orc PLD) and helpers
Doo Wapa the Desolator (Yagudo SMN) and helpers

Central Apollyon

Requires: Magenta Chip, Charcoal Chip, Smoky Chip, Smalt Chip

Final Boss
(Two forms; spawns Gunpods in second form)

Historical Background

Apollyon is the Greek word for "destroyer" & "destruction". It is a translation of Abaddon, the Hebrew word for "destruction" & "a place of destruction" (remember, New Testament was written in Greek and early Christianity flourished in Greece). In the Book of Revelations, New Testament (specifically Revelations 9:7- 9:11), Apollyon is "the angel of the bottomless pit/abyss", who leads a swarm of demons so numerous they resembled locusts in the End Times. This pit is unlocked after the 5th angel sounds its trumpet. Apollyon and his horde were the 1st of 3 woes and were supposed to harm nothing on Earth except humans who lack God's mark on their forehead. Who exactly this destroyer is isn't clear. The best theories are that it is the Beast of Revelation. Abaddon does not have a sense of personalization that Apollyon has. Apollyon was also considered a synonym for the Devil in early Christianity.