Mission Name:   Ark Angels
  Start NPC:   None
  Requirements:   Zilart Rank 13
  Suggested Level:   70+
  Title:   Pentacide Perpetrator (Divine Might BCNM only)
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Zilart Rank 14
  Previous Mission:   Zilart Mission 13: The Gate of the Gods
  Next Mission:   Zilart Mission 15: The Sealed Shrine


Completing the quest Divine Might takes the place of this mission, and has additional rewards.
  • To get to the Ark Angels, take the red portals. If you want to get to the different islands, activate pincer stones and take the blue portals. There is only magic aggro in this area except for the groundskeepers standing on a blue symbol.
  • 6 people will be allowed to participate in the BCNM.
  • 5 Ark Angels must be defeated one at a time. Each one has 2 jobs and uses abilities and 2 hour abilities from both jobs.
  • They use normal Weapon Skills for their weapon as well as a unique weapon skill that only they can use.
  • It has been reported that the AA can use the 2 hours more than once.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Apathy, arrogance, cowardice, envy, rage--the darkness that lurks within us all...
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