Mission Name: Assault Mission - Imperial Treasure Retrieval
Mercenary Rank: Sergeant
Start NPC: Isdebaaq - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-10)
Staging Point: Mamool Ja Staging Point
Objective: Recover the treasure
Recruitment: Lv.50, 3-6 mercenaries
Mission Orders: A puk recently stole a treasure box containing enchanted gems from the royal treasury. The gems were then given to Mamool Ja officers as a reward for duty. Find and retrieve the treasure.
Time Limit: 15 minutes
Reward: Mamool Ja Training Grounds Assault Points
  • 3 Members:
  • 4 Members:
  • 5 Members:
  • 6 Members:

Varies based on the number of gems turned in by your party.



  • 4 members: 1 Gem (First Clear) 450 Points
  • 3 members: 3 Gems (First Clear) 900 Points
  • 3 members: 1 Gem (First Clear) 499 Points


There are no enemies in this mission, only 7 NPC Mamool Ja.


Ancient Lockbox
Hi-Potion +3

??? Cape
Lizard Mantle +1
Dhalmel Mantle +1
Cotton Cape +1
Sniper's mantle
Volitional Mantle

??? Ring
Brass Ring
Copper Ring
Horizon Ring
??? Box
Imperial Tea Leaves
Wild Onion
Poroggo Hat
Soulflayer Staff


Bring at least one gem to the NPC Zahakahm. Turn in additional gems for more points.

  • You start this Assault at (H-10). This is also where you will find Zahakahm. You need to bring the gems you obtain back to this NPC.
  • This is a pretty straightforward game of tag.
  • There are gems hidden in coffers around the map.
  • If you open a coffer (no key required), you get a gem.
  • There are nine coffers in the area, each containing a different gem.
  • There are also Mamool Ja NPCs running around collecting gems. These do not appear on Widescan.
  • If you get close to a Mamool Ja with a gem and click him, you will steal his gem and he will be warped elsewhere.
  • If you have a gem and a Mamool Ja gets close to you, he will steal your gem and warp you back to the start.
  • The Mamool Ja are trying to take their gems to to the Mamool Ja Governor NPC on the opposite end of the map at (F-7).
    • If you talk to the Mamool Ja Governor, he will warp you back near start - AND steal your gem. DON'T DO THIS.
    • You can have some people wait there to ambush the Mamool Ja as they return with gems, while other players go for coffers.
  • Whenever someone (ally or enemy) finds a gem in a coffer, or steals a gem from their enemy, everyone will receive a message.
  • The Rune of Release will spawn at (H-10). After bringing back at least one gem, talk to Zahakahm to finish the Assault and make the Rune of Release appear.
    • The game will tell you when all available gems have been turned in, either by you or the Mamool Ja.


  • There is no fighting in this mission, just tag, so /THF is really good for flee, and Movement Speed+ or Flee items are useful.


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