Start NPC:   Maat - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
  Level 51
  Items Needed:   Round Frigicite
  Square Frigicite
  Triangular Frigicite
  Title:   Summit Breaker
  Repeatable:   No.
  Reward:   Raises level cap to 60

  Previous Quest:   In Defiant Challenge
  Next Quest:   Whence Blows the Wind




  • Maat asks you to retrieve three pieces of Frigicite from Xarcabard.
  • The Frigicite are found in caves at I-6, J-7, and G-10. Each piece of Frigicite is guarded by a NM that has True Sight and True Hearing. Defeat each NM, and quickly run in and touch the ??? to receive the rewards (key items):
  1. Boreal Tiger. The reward is a Round Frigicite.
  2. Boreal Coeurl. The reward is a Square Frigicite.
  3. Boreal Hound. The reward is a Triangular Frigicite.
  • These NMs have incredibly fast respawn rates (around 15 seconds). Touch the ??? quickly.
  • If the NMs aggro you, they'll follow you for some seconds, then they'll immediately start casting a spell. Take this time to run out of their range, because if you do, they'll lose hate and they'll return to their spawn point.
  • Once you have retrieved the three pieces of Frigicite, simply return to Maat to complete the quest.
  • Can be soloed by 71+ Summoner with decent gear. Can be soloed by a 75NIN, 75DRG, 75RDM or 75WHM/NIN.

Game Description

Client: Maat (Grand Duke Palace, Ru'Lude Gardens)

Collect three stones of frigicite from fiend-infested caverns in the north. Bring them to Maat to further expand your innate limits.
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