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Attribute Down is a harmful status effect that lowers an attribute until it wears off or is removed. Afflicted characters can be affected by one attribute down effect per monster ability. The amount the ability is lowered by is determined by the strength of the effect that granted it, and how much you resist it. Attribute Down effects are almost always of the element that is strong vs the ability it lowers. E.G. Bubble Shower is a water-based crab ability that lowers STR; water is strong against fire (the element associated with STR).

How to remove the effect

How the effect is inflicted/gained


Blood Pacts

Monster Abilities

  • Beetle - Spoil (STR Down)
  • Birds - Broadside Barrage (INT Down) (MND Down), Blindside Barrage (STR Down) (VIT Down)
  • Bugard - Awful Eye (STR Down)
  • Cockatrice - Sound Blast (INT Down)
  • Crab - Bubble Shower (STR Down)
  • Doomed - Stinking Gas (VIT Down), Call of the Grave (INT Down), Acid Breath (STR Down)
  • Leeches - Brain Drain (INT Down)
  • Magic Pots - Mind Drain (MND Down)
  • Mandragora - Scream (MND Down), Wild Oats (VIT Down)
  • Orc - Battle Dance (DEX Down)
  • Pugils - Aqua Ball - (STR Down)
  • Sahagins - Hydro Ball (STR) Down
  • Scorpion - Earth Pounder (DEX Down)
  • Sea Monk - Maelstrom (STR Down), Whirlwind (VIT) Down
  • Worm - Tremors (DEX Down)