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The innermost crevice within the Yagudo realm of Giddeus containing a Burning Circle. This area is the entrance to a number of different BCNM battles, as well as being used in some missions and quests. You must use the Burning Circle to do battle.

Connecting Areas

West Sarutabaruta (only by using Escape or completing the BCNM)

Involved in Quests/Missions

Quest Type Starter Location
  Shattering Stars (MNK, WHM, SMN) Genkai Maat   Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Mission Country Starter Location
  Journey Abroad San d'Oria San d'Orian Gate Guard   San d'Oria
  Saintly Invitation Windurst Windurst Gate Guard   Windurst
  The Emissary Bastok Bastok Gate Guard   Bastok


Name Item Restrictions
Level Time Members
Charming Trio Cloudy Orb 20 15 minutes 3 people
Creeping Doom Sky Orb 30 15 minutes 3 people
Harem Scarem Sky Orb 30 30 minutes 6 people
Royal Succession Star Orb 40 15 minutes 3 people
Steamed Sprouts Star Orb 40 30 minutes 6 people
Rapid Raptors Comet Orb 50 15 minutes 3 people
Treasure and Tribulations Comet Orb 50 30 minutes 6 people
Wild Wild Whiskers Moon Orb 60 15 minutes 3 people
Divine Punishers Moon Orb 60 30 minutes 6 people
Moa Constrictors Atropos Orb 75 30 minutes 6 people
Royale Ramble Lachesis Orb 75 30 minutes 6 people
Seasons Greetings Clotho Orb 75 30 minutes 6 people
Early Bird Catches the Wyrm Themis Orb 75 30 minutes 18 people
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