Job Ability

  • Fires multiple shots at once.
  • Obtained: Ranger Level 30
  • Recast Time: 5:00
  • Duration: 1:00


  • Barrage is upgraded after certain level and can be enhanced by Hunter's Bracers +1:
    • At Ranger Level 30, this ability can launch up to four shots.
    • At Ranger Level 50, this ability can launch up to five shots.
    • At Ranger level 75, this ability can launch up to six shots.
    • With the enhacement from Hunter's Bracers +1, at 74, this ability can launch an additional shot.
  • Lasts for one ranged attack (hit or miss) or 60 seconds.
  • User gains TP as much as the number of shots landed on enemy.
  • Once a shot from Barrage misses, "subsequent" shots do not fire. For example, if a level 50 Ranger were to have their "first" Barrage shot miss, all shots after that will not fire.
  • Does not work with throwing weapons.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Barrage" <me>
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