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Base damage is the sum of these following things:

  • Weapon Base Damage (D)
  • Ammo Damage (if the calculation is for ranged attack) (aD)
  • STR - VIT Difference Function (fSTR or fSTR2)
  • Weapon Skill Secondary Attribute Modifier (WSC) (only for WS Calculation)

So, Base Damage = D + (aD) + fSTR(2) for normal attack
and Base Damage = floor((D + (aD) + fSTR(2) + WSC)* fTP) for WS

for THF Main, SATA + Normal hit is calculated as Base Damage = floor(D + fSTR) + Total AGI + Total DEX.
Similarly, THF Main SATA+WS is calculated as Base Damage = floor((D + fSTR + WSC)* fTP) + Total AGI + Total DEX

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