All of these items are available from Iron Musketeers in Bastok:

as well as the Jeunoan Conquest Guards:

Items that are available when Bastok is in any Conquest Ranking are available from Iron Musketeers in Foregin nations - items available only when Bastok is in 1st or 2nd are not available from Iron Musketeers in Foreign nations:

Items that are available only during 1st or 2nd Conquest Ranking are indicated with a "1st" or "1st, 2nd" next to their name.

Rank Requirement Cost in CP Items
Any Rank 500 CP
750 CP
1000 CP
2500 CP
9000 CP
Rank 1 1000 CP
Rank 2 2000 CP
Rank 3 4000 CP
Rank 4 8000 CP
Rank 5 16000 CP
Rank 6 24000 CP
Rank 7 32000 CP
Rank 8 40000 CP
Rank 9 48000 CP
Rank 10 56000 CP
Rank 10 5000 CP
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