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Job Overview

Available after completing the quest Save My Son, these experts in monster research have trained tirelessly to communicate with, and even control the animals of Vana'diel. Based on their knowledge of beasts, Beastmasters (BST) can charm the beasts of Vana'diel to fight alongside them, call beasts to their side, and intimidate enemy beasts of Vana'diel.
Beastmasters are generally considered the best solo class in the game. Beastmasters often can be found soloing monsters or teaming up with other Beastmasters in all Beastmaster parties. Beastmasters are less frequently found in conventional parties. In a conventional party, a Beastmaster will most frequently fill the roles of damage dealer and puller, and augment their damage with properly selected "Jug Pets". When soloing, it is very important that a Beastmaster select the proper camp.

Job Abilities

Level  Name
01  Familiar
01  Charm
10  Gauge
12  Reward
23  Call Beast
25  Sic
30  Tame
75 (Merit)  Feral Howl
75 (Merit)  Killer Instinct

Job Traits

Level  Name
01  Wide Scan I
10  Vermin Killer
15  Resist Slow I
20  Bird Killer
20  Wide Scan II
30  Amorph Killer
35  Resist Slow II
40  Lizard Killer
40  Wide Scan III
50  Aquan Killer
55  Resist Slow III
60  Plantoid Killer
60  Wide Scan IV
70  Beast Killer
75  Resist Slow IV
75 (Merit)  Beast Affinity
75 (Merit)  Beast Healer

The Pet

Pet Commands

Level  Command
01  Fight
10  Heel
15  Stay
25  Sic
30  Ready
35  Leave

Pet's Effect on Experience

  • No experience point penalty is incurred while using charmed pets or pets summoned by Call Beast.
  • If the Beastmaster uses a pet of a higher level than the highest level party member, the pet's level is used as the highest level party member for purposes of calculating Experience Points. A Beastmaster's pet has no other effects on Experience Points.

Combat Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
 Axe A- 6 114 269
 Scythe B- 5 109 240
 Dagger C+ 5 105 230
 Club D 4 101 210
 Sword E 4 94 200
 Evasion C 5 105 225
 Parrying C 5 105 225
 Shield E 4 94 200

See Beastmaster Skill Caps for a by-level breakdown of weapon skill limits.

Artifact Equipment

Artifact Set
Level Artifact
40  Barbaroi Axe
52  Beast Gaiters
54  Beast Gloves
56  Beast Helm
58  Beast Jackcoat
60  Beast Trousers
Artifact Set +1
Level Artifact
74  Beast Gaiters +1
74  Beast Gloves +1
74  Beast Helm +1
74  Beast Jackcoat +1
74  Beast Trousers +1
Relic Set
Level Relic
70  Monster Belt
71  Monster Helm
72  Monster Jackcoat
73  Monster Trousers
74  Monster Gaiters
75  Monster Gloves
75  Guttler
Relic Set +1
Level Relic
75  Monster Helm +1
75  Monster Jackcoat +1
75  Monster Trousers +1
75  Monster Gaiters +1
75  Monster Gloves +1

Job Specific Equipment

Beastmaster Guides