Start NPC:   Talib - Port Bastok (F-6) Warehouse #2
  Bastok Reputation 1
  Items Needed:   Zinc Ore
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   Bronze Knife

  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   Shady Business


  • Talk to Talib; there is a cut scene where Cornelia asks your help to get a Zinc Ore for her friend Parraggoh and hints that you can get them from monsters in Gustaberg. Accept the quest and Talib will agree to take the Ore from you when you get it.
    • If you declined the quest you can start it by talking to Parraggoh.
  • (Optional) Talk to Talib again and he explains that Cornelia is making the ore delivery for Parraggoh who was injured and can't do it himself. He also tells you where you can find Parraggoh.
  • Trade a Zinc Ore to Talib who will give you the key item Palborough Mines Log.
  • Talk to Parraggoh complete the quest.

Game Description

Client: Cornelia & Parraggoh (House, Bastok Mines)

Bring a chunk of zinc ore to Talib of the Tenshodo in Parraggoh's stead. Monsters in Gustaberg are known to drop the ore.
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