This is the first Blue Mage Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF1.

  Start NPC:   Waoud - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-10);
  Cutscene NPC Raubahn
  Blue Mage Level 40+
  Items Needed:   
  Title:   Branded by the Five Serpents
  Repeatable:   Yes, by erasing AF memory
  Reward:   Immortal's Scimitar
  Previous Quest:   An Empty Vessel
  Next Quest:   Omens


NOTE: You must have completed mission Immortal Sentries to get the cutscene and approach all NPCs as your Blue Mage job. In addition if you are viewing the extra cutscene you get after completing the job quest for the first time, you have to wait till the next game day before being able to receive this quest.

  • Speak with Waoud and choose "Gaze Away" to have him tell your fortune.
  • After three in-game days, talk to Waoud again, and do the same thing, choose "Gaze Away". Afterwards, choose "I Have", and you will be told to visit the five original Staging Points.
  • Note: Be sure not to talk to him in between the three in-game days or else you will have to go through the question-and-answer cutscene you did to first unlock Blue Mage, and then pay him 1,000 gil.
  • Check your "Quest" menu to make sure you get the quest.
  • Visit each Staging point and speak with the Immortal Sentry at each. They will each give you a key item "Brand". If at any time you want to know what Brands you've already acquired, you can go to Permanent Key Items and check them off.
  • You must have Blue Mage as your main job to get the cutscene from each Immortal.
  • After receiving all 5 Brands, return to Waoud for a final cutscene and your reward.

Game Description

Client: Waoud - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-10); Cutscene NPC Raubahn


An unavoidable decision... If you would seek even greater power, meet with the Immortals stationed at Azouph Isle, Dvucca Isle, Mamool Ja, Halvung and Ilrusi staging points.
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