Start NPC:   Maat - Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
  Level 66
  Items Needed:   None
  Title:   Ultimate Champion of the World
  Repeatable:   No.
  Reward:   Maat's Cap

  Previous Quest:   Shattering Stars
  Next Quest:   None


  • Defeat Maat with all jobs except Corsair, Blue Mage, and Puppetmaster, in Shattering Stars.
    • All jobs must be level 66+ since you can only fight Maat once you have got the jobs to 66.
    • You must walk to the designated battlefield.
  • Talk to Maat after defeating him the last time, for an event and to receive the reward.
  • You must be on one of the 15 non-ToAU jobs to get the final cutscene regardless of its level.
  • Take note that you won't be capped at level 70 for subsequent Maat Fights, and he won't give you another warp scroll when you win.

PUP75 was unable to trigger the CS after completing all the Shattering Stars and had to change to one of those 15 jobs to trigger it.

Game Description

Client: Maat (Grand Duke Palace, Ru'Lude Gardens)

After clearing all of Maat's final challenges, you will finally learn his secret...
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