Start NPC:   Dauperiat - Northern San d'Oria (I-10)
  San d'Oria Reputation 3
  Items Needed:   Castle Floor Plans
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   900g

  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   The Setting Sun


  • Talk to Dauperiat and you will receive a Suspicious Envelope to deliver.
  • Take the note to Halver in the Chateau d'Oraguille (I-9), he will get disgusted at you and tell you never to mention such filth again.
  • Return to Dauperiat and he will ask you to perform a dirty deed for him.
  • At this point, if you accept and complete this part of the quest, you will lose fame. If you decline, you can start the quest The Setting Sun. You are not required to continue and betray San d'Oria.
  • He wants you to get him a copy of the Castle Floor Plans. These drop off of Orcish Serjeants.
  • Trade this to him for your dirty money.

Game Description

Client: Dauperiat (Victory Arch, Northern San d'Oria)

Delivering a strange envelope to Monarlais Halver gets you sent on a mission to retrieve castle floor plans from Orcs in Ghelsba.
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