Start NPC:   Gumbah - Bastok Mines (J-7)
  Bastok Reputation 3
  Items Needed:   Chaosbringer
  Title:   Black Death
  Repeatable:   No.
  Reward:   Deathbringer

  Previous Quest:   Blade of Darkness
  Next Quest:   None.


  • Speak with Gumbah again for a cutscene (dialog) and to receive a key item: Letter from Zeid.
  • You need to kill another 100 mobs with Chaosbringer, so get grinding.
  • If you've lost Chaosbringer, just take the ferry in the Palborough Mines once more to receive another. Note that if you get a new Chaosbringer, you'll have to actually kill 200 mobs with it, since it was your old Chaosbringer that was already bloodied, not the new one.
  • Once the additional 100 have been slaughtered, take Chaosbringer with you to the Gusgen Mines.
  • Note: You do not need to trade Chaosbringer as DRK, you can do so on any job.
  • In the Gusgen Mines, go to the standing water at (J-7) on the first map (beware of an NM Ghost that spawns here, it detects by sound so use either sneak or a silent oil if you wish to avoid it)
  • Here you can target a ??? and must trade your Chaosbringer to it.
  • After a CS featuring Zeid your Chaosbringer will be replaced with the new Deathbringer.

To get to the pond

  • Walk into the mines until you hit the first intersection and take a right.
  • At the next intersection, take a left.
  • After walking a short distance, you will see a tunnel off to the right, proceed through it.
  • Following the bend, there will be another tunnel going off to the right. This takes you to the pond (J-7).
  • Here in the water you can target a ???

Important Notes About Your 100 Kills:

For it to count as a kill, the finishing blow must be made by a normal attack with the sword.

Weapon skills that kill the mob DO NOT count as a kill.

Mobs that self-destruct will not count as a kill. (see Goblins, Bombs, and Bees)

Nothing resets the count, you may change zones, change jobs, get KO'd, whatever. So long as you kill 100 things, the blade is satisfied.

Kills DO count if you first bring the mob down to a tiny sliver of health with a real weapon and then switch to the Chaosbringer for the final blow. (Note: The use of some skills, even with Chaosbringer equipped, such as Jump, will not count towards the 100 kill count.)

Game Description

Client: Gumbah, Bastok Mines

You've received a letter from the dark knight, Zeid. He says he has a new trial for you and Chaosbringer.
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