This is the third Dark Knight Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF3.

  Start NPC:   Zeid - Beadeaux (G-8)
  Dark Knight 50+
  Items Needed:   Quadav Mage Blood
  Title:   Paragon of Dark Knight Excellence
  Repeatable:   Yes, after AF is complete.
  Reward:   Chaos Burgeonet

  Previous Quest:   Dark Puppet
  Next Quest:   None


  • Head to Beadeaux as a Dark Knight for a cutscene where Zeid will tell you that the Power of Darkness is starting to get out of control (using another job to enter Beadeaux will not trigger the cutscene.)
  • Obtain a piece of Quadav Mage Blood, which is dropped by Topaz Quadav.
  • If more than one Dark Knight is doing this quest, only one piece of this blood is needed.
  • Head to the seventh floor of Delkfutt's Tower and use the teleporter at J-6.
  • You should now end up in a small circle room on the Sixth floor (J-6 again).
  • When ready, trade the Quadav Mage Blood to the ??? to spawn Gerwitz's Scythe (Weapon NM) and two Scythe Victims (Skeleton).
  • Once all 3 mobs are defeated, use the same teleport you used when you came in and you will get a cutscene and will complete the quest.

Important note

  • The weapon is a Red Mage job and has Protect and Shell III. It also will use Cure IV alot.
  • One Scythe Victim is a Black Mage and has Ancient Magic and tier two -ga spells.
  • The other Scythe Victim is a Warrior and does not cast.
  • Both mobs have access to the normal family abilities
  • Both Scythe Victims, as well as Gerwitz's Scythe, seem to be immune or at least highly resistant to Lullaby
  • Recommended strategy is to have three different people tanking, one to tank the weapon, and two more to hold the victims, with a healer for support, along with other DDs. Pick the skeletons off as fast as possible, then have everyone focus on the weapon. Once the victims are down, it should be just a straight up fight.
  • Defeated solo as 75 MNK/NIN with little difficulty. Verification Needed
  • Defeated solo as 75 PLD/NIN with Refresh drinks and meds.
  • Even if you wipe, as long as Gerwitz's Scythe is defeated, you can get the cutscene and complete the quest.
  • These mobs cannot be "sneak popped" to fight only the weapon - all three aggro on pop even with sneak.


Game Description

Client: Zeid

One of Gerwitz's weapons is running amok. You must go to the place where the Crystal Lines converge, use the blood of a powerful Quadav to lure it out, and then defeat the evil weapon that appears.
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