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Sidagreat Sidagreat 1 day ago

First blog post! How i've been editing the wiki recently.

I've been editing the wiki now for quite some time but never have I thought to make a blog about what I do. There's 3 main changes that i've been working on this past week: the patch notes page, the FAQ's page and finally, i've tidied up the top navigation bar.

  • 1 Patch Notes
  • 2 FAQ's
  • 3 Navigation Bar
  • 4 What's Next?

Patch notes pages are one of them things that I end up forgetting about and catch up in one big go and this time was no different. Makise had posted in the discord about making them more visible over on Reddit and this prompted me to pull my finger out of my ass and get back on top of it. I also decided to reformat the page layout as I realised that it was looking quite cluttered and not particualarly 'scroll friendly'.

To see for yourself…

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Soleece Soleece 18 March

Weapon Template

The template is on my wall

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MonkeyAce MonkeyAce 21 March 2020


I've seen some brillant photos but in the wrong format, so many people taking photos, with no concensus on what the correct format for a photo should be you get some amazing photos you have to alter to fit the style and and editing a good photo feels so wrong.

Then we have those bad photos, like seriously bad photos. My favourite bad photo is the one in a dark room of the back of the person, it's like no one even cared! Some common issues are poor quality, misty, grainy photos or a photo of someone in a crowded photo so you can even tell who your even looking at, or the photo of an NPC from the otherside of the zone, like seriously!?

Side photos, okay that's fair some NPCs aren't gonna always turn to face you and some you can't get near like…

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ShorutoEden ShorutoEden 13 September 2019

My Adventure in Eden

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AikoSachi AikoSachi 24 December 2018

Thank God!

It took me quite a bit of time, but I finally managed to get every single in-era NM transfered from FFXIclopedia, with era-relevant information, now I have to look ahead at the daunting task of not only making a page for every single item that they drop...but removing any anti-RMT implementations that were added in by Square Enix and later on removed by the developers of Eden in order to make the information as accurate as possible, if the first task of NM pages took a while, this next task will take twice as long, but hey, noone's really putting me through a time-crunch or anything so I have the benefit of working at my own pace, whenever I feel like doing something, but not playing on Eden (Let's be real, that's not often, but stuff does…

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AikoSachi AikoSachi 15 December 2018

Transfering the wiki.

Added in several pages today:

Completely finished the History of Vana'diel page

Delved deeper in and put some more random stuff in, there's still quite a bit to do.

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