Start NPC:   Kerutoto - Windurst Waters South J-8
  Windurst Reputation 5
  Items Needed:   Purple Ribbon
  Title:   Ghostie Buster
  Repeatable:   No.
  Reward:   Blue Ribbon, 3600 gil
  Previous Quest:   Water Way to Go
  Next Quest:   Toraimarai Turmoil


  • It is required for each person doing the quest to trade the Purple Ribbon to the Hume Bones in order to complete the quest.
  • There is an Earth Elemental that spawns in the same room as the Hume Bones, so be wary of that if you are not high level.
  • After Lich C Magnus is dead, click on the Hume Bones and you will receive a Blue Ribbon.
  • After that go back to Kerutoto to complete the quest (no additional prize).
  • NOTE: If you drop your Purple Ribbon or otherwise lose it, you may talk to Roberta again to receive another.

Game Description

Client: Kerutoto (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters)

The purple ribbon you received from the goods shop in Windurst Woods seems to have a spooky curse on it. Kerutoto suggests that you search out the final resting place of its original owner in order to return it.
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