Start NPC:   Zaldon - Selbina (H-9)
  Items Needed:   Brigand's Chart
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   Possibility of: Penguin Ring, Beastcoin, Silver Beastcoin, Mythril Beastcoin, Gold Beastcoin, Platinum Beastcoin, Rusty Cap, Mythril Sword, Ordelle Bronzepiece, Tukuku Whiteshell, 1 Byne Bill, Sky Pot, Blue Pitcher, Wooden Flowerpot, Lines and Space, Dwarf Pugil, Yellow Globe and various other items.
  Previous Quest:   Inside the Belly
  Next Quest:   None


This is a solo level 20 capped event and you must have a fishing rod and bait. You can have another member in your party to fight the monsters you fish up so you can continue fishing. Other members in your party will not be affected by the level cap.
  • An NPC will appear and begins complaining about how worthless he is.
  • All "bites" will have three exclamation marks, so don't use that as your guide for when to accept the catch. You may fish up a fish, a monster, or a chest.
  • You do not have to open the chests immediately. You can have multiple chests on the beach at the same time, but they will vanish at the end of the three minutes.
  • The Penguin Ring will be found, if at all, in the fourth box fished up.

Game Description

Client: Zaldon (Fishermen's Guild Salesroom, Selbina)
Summary: After obtaining the Brigand's Chart from the stomach of a Bhefhel Marlin, head to the Khoonta Dunes, in the Buburimu Peninsula, to search for the hidden treasure

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