Start NPC:   Brygid - Bastok Markets K-9
  Level: 52, possibly up to 60
  Items Needed:   See below.
  Title:   Bastok's Second Best Dressed
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   See below.

  Previous Quest:   Brygid, the Stylist
  Next Quest:   None.


  • Go talk to Brygid while wearing any AF armor piece. Your AF weapon will not work. You only need to have one piece of AF armor on your body to trigger this quest.
  • Brygid will ask that you get a new body armor and leg armor to meet the demands of the fashion world. Do so.
    Note: she does not accept +1 versions of armor.
  • She asks for armor equippable by your current job, with level requirements up to Level 60. Some possible requests:
  Banded Mail   Beak Jerkin   Bishop's Robe   Breastplate
  Carapace Harness   Cloak   Cuir Bouilli   Frost Robe
  Gambison   Iron Scale Mail   Linen Doublet   Padded Armor
  Pyro Robe   Raptor Jerkin   Silk Coat   Silver Mail
  Velvet Robe   White Cloak   Wool Doublet   Wool Gambison
  Beak Trousers   Breeches   Carapace Subligar   Cuir Trousers
  Hose   Iron Cuisses   Iron Subligar   Linen Slacks
  Raptor Trousers   Scorpion Subligar   Silk Slops   Silver Hose
  Velvet Slops   White Slacks   Wool Hose   
  • When you come back wearing the equipment she offers up a listing of 13 body armors. All are level 50. All are rare/ex. Each is wearable by one to four different jobs.
    Note: you have to wear the required equipment with a level 52+ job.
Job Body Armor
Dropped By
  MNK   Aikido Gi   Aquarius Subligar   Fomor Monk
  BRD/RDM/BLU/PUP   Cerise Doublet   Libra Subligar   Fomor Bard
  BLM/SMN   Duende Cotehardie   Aries Subligar   Fomor Black Mage
  BRD/BST   Gaudy Harness   Ophiuchus Subligar   Fomor Beastmaster
  RDM   Glamor Jupon   Scorpius Subligar   Fomor Red Mage
  DRK   Gloom Breastplate   Sagittarius Subligar   Fomor Dark Knight
  SMN/WHM   Nimbus Doublet   Capricornus Subligar   Fomor Summoner
  NIN   Nokizaru Gi   Taurus Subligar   Fomor Ninja
  PLD/WAR   Parade Cuirass   Pisces Subligar   Fomor Paladin
  THF   Rapparee Harness   Gemini Subligar   Fomor Thief
  RNG/COR   Shikaree Aketon   Virgo Subligar   Fomor Ranger
  SAM   Shinimusha Hara-Ate   Cancer Subligar   Fomor Samurai
  DRG   Wyvern Mail   Leo Subligar   Fomor Dragoon
  • When you select a body armor, Brygid then demands the corresponding subligar. These drop off Fomor in Phomiuna Aqueducts as well as in the Sacrarium. All of these subligars are level 50 and rare/ex, so you personally have to go there to get yours.
  • Trade the requested subligaria to Brygid receive your new body armor.
  • After choosing a body armor, you cannot change your mind; you MUST bring her the correct subligaria before you will be allowed to repeat the quest and choose a different body piece. (Upon selecting and viewing a body piece, the game asks once for confirmation.)
  • Note: If you leave Bastok Markets after showing Brygid the armor she requests but before choosing the body armor you want, she will request that you wear the requested armor again when you return before you will be offered the choices of armor again. Once a piece of armor has been selected and she requests the corresponding subligaria will she not require you to speak to her in the requested armor (until you trade the correct subligar and obtain the body piece, at which point she'll request you to wear your AF and another 2 corresponding pieces of equipment if you want another body piece)

Game Description

Client: Brygid (Gold Street, Bastok Markets)
Summary: Brygid, the "stylist extraordinaire," has given you more fashion advice, so it's time to go shopping.

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