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This guide is a work in progress and is being gradually added to as i experience more of the camps in Vana'diel. If anyone has any camps they would like to contribute, please use the template provided within the source code.

Hello and welcome to my guide. As the name suggests, this guide is a list of camps on Eden that anybody can use whilst leveling up. Currently it is a working progress but hopefully I'll have it up and running in no time.

In the guide I list: camp locations, level ranges and what mobs to target. I also offer a description of each camp. Here I list useful information for adventurers who find themselves at these camps.

Level 10-20


Location: Valkurm Dunes
Position: (L-10), (D-7), (D-8) - Map
Target: Hill Lizard

  • The camp at (L-10) is good for 10/11. At 11/12 you can camp at (D-7) or (D-8).
  • Each <pos> realistically supports 1 party each.
  • XP WILL drop off at 13.
  • Hill Lizards Link so care should be taken when pulling them.
  • Be aware of Goblins when pulling.
  • The tank should be facing the mob and melee/mages to the sides/back to avoid TP attacks.


Location: Maze of Shakhrami
Position: First room from Tahrongi Canyon zone, Map
Target: Goblins


Location: Valkurm Dunes
Position: (I-7) - Map
Target: Damselfly, Brutal Sheep

  • This camp is great for 13/14/15. At 16 you may wish to change camps.
  • There are 2 camps located here, commonly known as Signpost & Oasis. The Oasis is the clump of tree on the map at (I-7). Signpost is what it suggests and can be found to the east of (I-7).
  • Pull Damselflies primarily. You can add in the sheep at around 15, if your party is killing flies quickly enough.
  • Damselflies link, so take care when pulling.
  • Be aware of Goblins when pulling at the Oasis camp. At the signpost, be aware of the Will-o'-the-Wisp who spawns in foggy Weather. He aggros to sight and magic casting.
  • The tank should be facing the mob and melee/mages to the sides/back to avoid TP attacks.


Location: Buburimu Peninsula
Position: (H-9) - Map
Target: Carnivorous Crawler, Goblin

  • An alternative camp to Damselflys in Valkurm Dunes, these crawlers are exactly the same level, thus can be xp'ed on at the same level range, 13-16.
  • To reach the camp, zone out of Mhaura and follow the left wall. You will come to 4 crawlers on the cliff overlooking the beach and you will pass 2 other crawlers en-route to camp.
  • Beware of several Goblins that patrol the enterance to this camp and avoid pulling them until the party hits level 16. At 16 you may wish to prioritise them over the crawlers as at this level, their xp will start to drop off.
  • Be aware, these goblins can also make pulling the northern 2 crawlers difficult.
  • These crawlers are not aggresive but do link via sound.


Location: Valkurm Dunes
Position: (E-9), (I-9) - Map
Target: Snipper, Beach Pugil, Thread Leech, Goblin

  • Both of these camps are located on the 2 beachs of Valkurm Dunes.
  • Players should camp in the middle of the beach at (I-9) to reduce the distance the puller has to run.
  • You will need to camp in the corner of the beach at (E-9) as this camp has aggressive mobs that can aggro you in the middle of the beach.
  • At 15 you should be targeting Snippers and any rare nearby Damselfly.
  • Level 16 is generally considered to be the safe level for pugils however, killing them can be slow without good DD's/adequate support.
  • If you run out of mobs, you can find Thread leeches and Goblins further up the beach.
  • Pugils and Snippers DO NOT link or aggro. Leeches DO link and goblins of course are always out for blood.
  • XP remains good here until 19. Some people prefer to move on to Qufim Island at 18.


Location: Qufim Island
Position: (I-8), (H-7), (F-6) - Map
Target: Land Worm, Clipper

  • The camp at (I-8) targets just worms. You can target these from level 18.
  • The camp at (H-7) otherwise known as the pond contains worms and clippers. Target the worms at 18/19. Start to include the clippers at 20.
  • The camp at (F-6) is located at the front of Delkfutt's Tower. Target is just clippers.
  • Worm XP will drop off at 21 and clipper XP at 22.
  • Be aware that worms are aggressive and will enage you with magic attacks, especially Stonega. A mage leading with silence as the melees engage is preferable.
  • Avoid the kraken in the middle of the pond. It will whoop you, believe me. Also avoid the Banshee at night. It will blood aggro so stay away from it with low health.
  • If you are camping at the tower, beware of gigas (sight), weapons (sound) and wights (sound) who will all aggro.

Level 21-30

Qufim Island (Party)

Level Range: 21-24
Position: (G-6), (H-6) - Map
Target: Greater Pugil

  • The camp at (G-6) can be found in the north east corner of the map, by the cliff.
  • The camp at (H-6) is generally known as pugil alley.
  • XP will drop off at 24. Typically player move to Yuhtunga Jungle at this point.
  • Pugils DO link so caution is advised when pulling.
  • Pugil alley is relatively aggro free. The camp by the cliff has gigas and a banshee that can aggro.
  • The tank should be facing the mob and melee/mages to the sides/back to avoid TP attacks.

Greater Pugils use a few TP attacks to be wary of:

  • Screwdriver: single target attack which can hit like a truck and has a history of 1-shotting players, especially those Tarutarus. You have been warned.
  • Aqua Ball: is a water based AOE attack, with the AOE being centred on the target.
  • Intimidate: sets the target with the status effect slow.
  • Water Wall: provides the pugil with a defense boost.
  • Water Shield: provides the pugil with an evasion boost.

Yuhtunga Jungle (Party)

Level Range: 24-27
Position: (G-6) - Map
Target: Yuhtunga Mandragora, Goblin Smithy

  • The camp at (G-6) can be found just outside of the zone to Kazham. Camp to the north of (G-6) as this reduces pulling distance than if right by the zone itself.
  • For levels 24/25/26 you will want to target Mandys. At 26/27 you can add in the goblins as well.
  • XP will start to drop off at 27. Prioritise the gobs to keep xp higher.
  • Mandys DO NOT aggro or link.
  • Goblins will tear you a new one given half the chance.
  • Melee's should stand behind or to the sides of mandys as they are monks and can guard against melee attacks.

Yuhtunga Mandragoras use a few TP attacks to be wary of:

  • Dream Flower: is an AOE sleep attack. Mages should stand as far away as possible (20') to keep out of it's long range.
  • Leaf Dagger: is a single target poison based attack. Like most mandy TP attacks, it poses little threat.

Goblin Smithys use a few TP attacks to be wary of:

  • Bomb Toss: is a fire based AOE attack which gobs love to use. Barfira is your friend. Better still, stun it if possible.
  • Goblin Rush: is a 3 hit melee attack. It can do some hefty damage/wipe shadows instantly.

Bibiki Bay (Party)

Level Range: 27-30
Position: (I-6) - Map
Target: Catoblepas, Efts, Ravens

  • At this camp you should target Efts, and Catoblepas at 27/28 and then start to include Ravens at 29.
  • Eft XP is the first to drop off so ignore them for the other targets when this happens.
  • None of the target mobs aggro. Goblins a little further in DO aggro so take care.
  • Catoblepas, Efts and Ravens all link].
  • All magic users should bring Echo Drops to this camp. Catoblepas can silence.
  • Birds are weak to Piercing type damage.

Catoblepas use a few TP attacks to be wary of:

  • Cold Stare: is an AOE conal attack which silences those hit. Only the tank should face the mob to prevent being hit with this attack.
  • Healing Breeze: is an AOE healing TP move which will heal any other Dhalmels in range.
  • Berserk: causes the dhalmel to gain the effect of berserk (attack boost).
  • Sonic Wave: is an AOE conal ability which inflicts Weakens Defense.

Efts use a few TP attacks to be wary of:

  • Geist Wall: is an AOE dispel ability.
  • Toxic Spit: is a single target poison attack. This attack ignores shadows.
  • Numbing Noise: is a frontal AOE attack which stuns. This also ignores shadows.

Ravens use a few TP attacks to be wary of: Wing Cutter: is a wind based AOE attack. Damnation Dive: is a conal attack which will stun those hit.

Sauromugue Champaign (Party)

Level Range: 29-31
Position: (pos) - [link here Map]
Target: Evil Weapon

To be written.

Level 31-40

Eastern Altepa Desert (Party)

Level Range: 30-33
Position: (I-6)
Target: Sand Beetle

  • This camp has 6 easily accessible beetles.
  • No aggro but do be aware of beetle links.
  • Good support is required at level 30 otherwise expect slower kills.

Eastern Altepa Desert (Party)

Level Range: 38-42
Position: (Outpost area)
Target Mob/s: Goblins/Lost Souls (night)

  • You may find this camp slow going at 38 without the support of a bard or corsair. There's plenty of Goblins located around the OP and surrounding areas.
  • Lost souls come out at night. I would prioritise goblins over them but pull them also. Once you hit 42, the xp will drop off.

Level 41-50

Western Altepa Desert (Party)

Level Range: 42-44
Position: (H-7)
Target Mob/s: Beetles


  • This camp can be found at the eastern side of the big rock in the middle of the map. Theres' lots of little 'alley ways' that you can camp in.
  • Beetles are not aggressive but do link by sight. If you have competent sleepers in your party, you may want to camp on top of a beetle pop location to reduce distance needed to be travelled to pull.
  • Be sure to have a dispel'er in your party to remove the beetles evasion + TP ability.

Level 51-60

Bibiki Bay (Duo/Trio)

Level Range: 57-60
Position: (F-8)/(G-9)
Target Mob/s: Goblin's rabbit

Level 61-70

Aydeewa Subterrane (Party)

Level Range: 63-66
Position: map 7 (K-7)
Target Mob/s: Puk/Deforester

  • Food camp
  • Camp is on top of the hill to avoid crawler agro.
  • [Haste], Poisona, and [Curaga] are necessary spells to successful xp at this camp.
  • [Paladin] tanks are preferable as cover is very useful during a link or agro situation.
  • I would prioritise puks if over them but pull them also. Once you hit 68, the xp will drop off.

Level 71-75

Bhaflau Thickets (Party)

Level Range: 71-merit
Position: (map two)
Target Mob/s: Everything

Camp reference for [camps_for_experience_points_parties]


  • Take the [mamool ja staging point]