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  Start NPC:   Carbuncle - Windurst Walls
  Summoner Level 50+
  Items Needed:   Lightning Pendulum
  Title:   Paragon of Summoner Excellence
  Repeatable:   Yes.
  Reward:   Evoker's Horn
  Previous Quest:   Class Reunion (SMN AF2)
  Next Quest:   None.


  • Head to the House of the Hero in Windurst Walls and hear Carbuncle's cry for help.
  • Next go and speak to Koru-Moru.
  • Head to Mhaura and speak to Ripapa to get the Lightning Pendulum.
  • Go to The Boyahda Tree and walk to the Cloister of Storms and trade the Lightning Pendulum to the Lightning Protocrystal and enter the battlefield.
  • Defeat the two weapons, Lightning Gremlin (WAR) and Thunder Gremlin (RDM).
    • The Lightning Gremlin's attacks have the additional effect of draining TP.
    • The Thunder Gremlin's attacks have the additional effect of draining MP.
  • Go back and speak to Koru-Moru. He will give you the key item Daze-breaker charm.
  • Go to Rabao and talk to Agado-Pugado, who will give you the Wind Pendulum.
  • Trade the Wind Pendulum to the Wind Protocrystal to fight Ogmios.
  • Return to Windurst Walls, and talk to Koru-Moru for a cutscene and to receive the Evoker's Horn.

Game Description

Client: Carbuncle (House of the Hero, Windurst Walls)
Summary:Carbuncle needs your help. The Mana Orb held by the energy thief has grown so powerful it is threatening to enslave all the Carbuncles in the world. You must act now to save them!