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Dark magic spells are insidious and self serving, leeching the target's strength and making them weak. All the spells under dark magic (with the exception of Bio and Tractor) take that strength and give it to the caster, whether it be in the form of stats (such as DEX), Hit Points, Magic Points, or Tactical Points.

There are a handful of types of Dark Magic spells:

  • Bio: Status Effect that deals Damage Over Time and lowers an enemy's Attack.
  • Drain: Steals an enemy's Hit Points and gives them to the caster.
  • Aspir: Steals an enemy's Magic Points (assuming they have any) and gives them to the caster.
  • Tractor: Teleports a dead body to your current position. Casting range is the same as other magic.
  • Stun: Make the enemies unable to perform any actions for a few seconds.
  • Absorb (e.g. Absorb-STR): Steals an enemy's stat (such as STR) and gives it to the caster temporarily.

Dark Magic Skill is the skill base from which Dark Magic derives. It is most synonomous and most importantly relational to the resistance rate of all attack spells therein. In short, Dark Magic is the largest factor which determines if an Dark Magic Spell lands unresisted or not.

Dark Magic also helps defend against spell interruptions for any spells in its category.

Job Ratings

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
Black Mage A- 6 114 269
Dark Knight A- 6 114 269
Red Mage E 4 94 200

Equipment that Enhances this Skill

Name Skill Increase
+3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +10 +11 +12 +15
Glamor Jupon Check.png
Inferno Sabots Check.png
Dusky Staff Check.png
Dark Earring Check.png
Igqira Huaraches Check.png
Nashira Manteel Check.png
Chaos Burgeonet Check.png
Chaos Burgeonet +1 Check.png
Merciful Cape Check.png
Genie Huaraches Check.png
Abyss Flanchard Check.png
Abyss Gauntlets Check.png
Abyssal Earring Check.png
Demon's Harness Check.png
Demon's Harness +1 Check.png
Blackjack Check.png
Charging Shield Check.png
Inferno Sabots +1 Check.png
Demon's Axe Check.png
Abyss Gauntlets +1 Check.png
Abyss Flanchard +1 Check.png
Dark Torque Check.png
Crimson Finger Gauntlets Check.png
Sorcerer's Gloves Check.png
Blood Finger Gauntlets Check.png
Sorcerer's Gloves +1 Check.png
Diabolos's Ring Check.png
Wizard's Tonban Check.png
Wizard's Tonban +1 Check.png

Magic of Vana'diel: Dark Magic
Absorb Spells:


HP/MP Absorption:

AspirDrain III




Dread Spikes



Unavailable to Players:


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