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Corsair Roll (Status Effect).png Dice are items used by Corsairs in order to learn new spells in their custom ability set, Phantom Roll. Each set of Dice teaches a specific spell to the user much like a spell scroll for the mage jobs.

The Roll Effect of different rolls vary, from increasing EXP earned by the party to increasing magic attack or evasion. Like Bard Songs, two Rolls can be bestowed per player per Corsair.

When you use a roll, a random number (from one to six) is generated. The higher the number, the stronger the effect, where I is the weakest possible effect, and XI is the strongest. However, each roll has Lucky and Unlucky numbers associated with it. Getting the Lucky number grants a strength second only to rolling a natural XI, whereas the Unlucky number grants an effect weaker than rolling I.

For a limited period of time after using any roll, you have the option to use the Double-Up command to roll again, every 8 seconds. The rolls will be added together and the new total displayed. You can repeat Double-Up as many times as you wish, but if you roll a total of XII or more, the roll will "Bust!" and reduce the maximum number of Corsair effects by 1 for a period of time.

A Busted roll grants a slight negative effect of the roll that was originally used; for example, busting a Corsair's Roll will result in an estimated 2-6% EXP loss. The negative effect from Bust only affects the Corsair who rolled it. A Bust also takes the place of a Roll on the Corsair, for the duration of the bust.

Rolls bestowed from people subbing Corsair are confirmed to be of approximately half the strength of main Corsair rolls. Also, when subbed Corsair, only one roll per person is allowed.

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