General Information

  • System: Arcana
  • Weaknesses: Fire, Light
  • Immune:
  • Evil weapons generally come in two types, Warriors and Red Mages. Although the two types look the same and use the same weapon, their behavior can be used to tell them apart.
  • When fighting the Red Mage type Evil Weapons, other nearby Red Mage weapon types will often assist the mob you are currently fighting. For example, if you are fighting a Dancing Weapon, another Dancing Weapon nearby could cast Cure III on it if it gets to low health, even though you are not fighting it.

Special Attacks

Special Abilities
Smite of Rage: Critical Strike, Single target
Whirl of Rage: 10' AoE attack, causes Stun
Smite of Fury: Critical Strike, Heavy Single target damage
Furious Flurry Single-target damage, Weight, and Silence
Whispers of Ire: AoE stat drain
Flurry of Rage: Multiple-hit single-target damage (Nightmare Weapon only)
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Brigandish Blade Forced Spawn by trading a Curtana to the ??? found at (H-12) Qmark Ve'Lugannon Palace Gem of the South
Juggler Hecatomb Timed Spawn around (H-7) on the deepest map every 21-24 hours 46-48 Gusgen Mines Heavy Halberd
Shikigami Weapon Timed Spawn approximately every 21 hours 77-80 (85?) Ro'Maeve Yinyang Robe
Trickster Kinetix Lottery Spawn of Dancing Weapons 35-36 Qufim Island Tabar

Quest NMs: Fomorian Spear, Gerwitz's Axe, Gerwitz's Scythe, Gerwitz's Sword, Lightning Gremlin, Orna, Thunder Gremlin

Mission NMs: Ancient Weapon, Legendary Weapon

Battlefield NMs: Gladiatorial Weapon (BCNM)

Other NMs: None

Monsters in Family

Name Level Zone
Poltergeist 18-20

La Theine Plateau (18-20)
Konschtat Highlands (18-20)
Tahrongi Canyon (18-20)

Boggart 22-27

Inner Horutoto Ruins (22-26)
Jugner Forest (25-27)
Meriphataud Mountains (25-27)

Dancing Weapon 28-30

Outer Horutoto Ruins (28-30)
Qufim Island (28-30)

Evil Weapon 35-38

Ranguemont Pass (35-37)
Batallia Downs (36-38)
Rolanberry Fields (36-38)
Sauromugue Champaign (36-38)

Cursed Weapon 43-45 Xarcabard (43-45)
Demonic Weapon 45-49

Behemoth's Dominion (45-46)
Garlaige Citadel (47-49)

Over Weapon 59-62 Garlaige Citadel (59-62)
Vault Weapon 59-62 Garlaige Citadel (59-62)
Killing Weapon 59-64

Fei'Yin (59-61)
Ro'Maeve (60-64)

Hellish Weapon 61-63 Fei'Yin (61-63)
Ominous Weapon 61-63 Ro'Maeve (61-63)
Mystic Weapon 74-76 Ve'Lugannon Palace (74-76)
Ornamental Weapon 74-76 Ve'Lugannon Palace (74-76)
Apocalyptic Weapon 78-80 Ro'Maeve (78-80)
Decorative Weapon 79-81 Shrine of Ru'Avitau (79-81)
Infernal Weapon 79-81 Ro'Maeve (79-81)
Aura Weapon 80-82 Shrine of Ru'Avitau (80-82)
Evil Armory Qmark SE Apollyon
Flying Spear Qmark SE Apollyon
Nightmare Weapon Qmark Dynamis - Qufim
Temenos Weapon Qmark Central Temenos - 1st Floor

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