Courier Carrie, one of the most popular classic familiars.

Familiars are special pets that are available exclusively to Beastmasters. They are called to the Beastmaster's side by equipping items, commonly referred to as "jugs," into the ammo slot and using Call Beast, which consumes the jug.

While familiars are typically weaker than charmed monsters of the same level, familiars can be called instantly and stay for a set amount time before disappearing — they will never fail to be called or "decharm" and attack the Beastmaster like charmed monsters.

Familiars also allow the use of Ready, a pet command which replaces Sic and allows the Beastmaster to choose which attack is used. These abilities give the Beastmaster more tactical options and finer control over the flow of battle. In addition to having control over which ability is used, Ready can typically be used more often than Sic, which often makes familiars more powerful than equivalent charmed pets, even if the familiar has lower stats.

However, due to the relatively long recast of Call Beast, familiars are much less disposable than charmed pets. Beastmasters that utilize familiars will need to pay close attention to the familiar's health and the time remaining before another pet can be called.


Familiar Jug Family Level Available Pet Level Cap Time
Hare Familiar Carrot Broth Rabbit 23 35 90 mins
Sheep Familiar Herbal Broth Sheep 23 35 30 mins
Crab Familiar Fish Broth Crab 23 55 30 mins
Courier Carrie Fish Oil Broth Crab 23 75 30 mins
Homunculus Alchemist Water Mandragora 23 75 60 mins
Flowerpot Bill Humus Mandragora 28 40 60 mins
Tiger Familiar Meat Broth Tiger 28 40 60 mins
Flytrap Familiar Grasshopper Broth Flytrap 28 40 60 mins
Lizard Familiar Carrion Broth Lizard 33 45 60 mins
Mayfly Familiar Bug Broth Fly 33 45 60 mins
Funguar Familiar Seedbed Soil Funguar 33 65 60 mins
Eft Familiar Mole Broth Eft 33 45 Information Needed
Beetle Familiar Tree Sap Beetle 38 45 Information Needed
Antlion Familiar Antica Broth Antlion 38 50 30 mins
Diremite Familiar Blood Broth Diremite 43 55 60 mins
Keeneared Steffi Famous Carrot Broth Rabbit 43 55 90 mins
Lullaby Melodia Singing Herbal Broth Sheep 43 55 60 mins
Flowerpot Ben Rich Humus Mandragora 51 63 Information Needed
Saber Siravarde Warm Meat Broth Tiger 51 63 60 mins
Shellbuster Orob Quadav Broth Fly 53 65 60 mins
Coldblood Como Cold Carrion Broth Lizard 53 65 Information Needed
Voracious Audrey Noisy Grasshopper Broth Flytrap 53 75 60 mins
Ambusher Allie Lively Mole Broth Eft 58 75 60 mins
Panzer Galahad Scarlet Sap Beetle 63 75 60 mins
Lifedrinker Lars Clear Blood Broth Diremites 63 75 60 mins
Chopsuey Chucky Fragrant Antica Broth Antlion 63 75 30 mins
Amigo Sabotender Sun Water Sabotender 75 75 20 mins

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