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Left to right: Vegetable seeds, tree saplings, cactus stems, tree cuttings, herb seeds.

The hobby of horticulture is the tending and nurturing of plants. In Final Fantasy, gardening provides players another way to make money through harvesting plants they grow, and crafters with another way to obtain their materials.

To make a garden, you need a few things:



This guy is Mog. He'll look after your plants for you, free of charge. If flowerpots are placed inside of your Mog House and plant some seeds, he will do most of the work! All that he asks of you is to 'check' on your plants once per earth day. To do this select the 'examine' option within the 'gardening' tab when speaking to Mog. Failure to do so may result in your plants wilting and dying. Well, Mog can only do so much by himself after all!


A flowerpot

There are 3 types of flowerpots available:

Vendor Bought:



As an aspiring gardener, you will be looking to begin with the vendor bought pots. Each can be purchased in their coinciding starter city. Brass can be bought in Bastok, Ceramic can be bought in San d'Oria and finally, Earthen can be bought in Windurst. Once purchased, place them inside of your mog house like you would place a piece of furniture. This can be done via the 'layout' option when speaking to Mog.

You may have up to a maximum of 10 flowerpots in your mog house. You may also have up to a maximum of 3 characters gardening at one time, for a total of 30 flowerpots.


There are 2 types of seeds available:

Flowering Plants


Seeds can typically be acquired by 3 methods: farming, vendor bought or from the auction house. Once you have your seeds, place them into your Mog Safe (both 1 and 2 work) and then you can plant them via the 'gardening' option when you speak to Mog.

The different seed types take different lengths of time to harvest. Flowering plants typically take up to a week. Trees can take as long as 3 weeks. Each seed will yield different results so reserch them before you begin gardening. Oh and don't worry about how 10 trees are going to fit into your mog house. Mog keeps them well pruned.


The last element to gardening is crystals. Mid-way through a harvest cycle, upon examining your plants, Mog will point out that 'they aren't doing very well'. At this stage you will be given the option to 'Feed a Crystal'. Feed each pot a crystal (or don't!) and they magically perk back up. They take a little longer to 'perk up' when no crystal is fed but don't worry. they will not die.

Flowering plants only require a single crystal per harvest cycle whereas trees will require 2. Each seed will have a different yield depending on which crystal has been given. Again, make sure you do some research prior to feeding to ensure you receive the desired yield.

The Process

Tree Saplings nearing harvest.

So you have your flowerpots in your mog house, you've planted your seeds and you have a stack of crystals waiting to be fed, now what? Well nothing really. That is the beauty of gardening. All that is required of you now is to 'examine' your plants at least once per earth day, feed a crystal when required and at the end of the cycle, harvest. Who said money doesn't grow on trees!

Plants will be ready to harvest when they 'emit a pleasant glow'. It's impossible to miss it. Make sure you have room in at least one of your mog safes as this will be where yielded results wind up. And that is it. Plant more seeds and begin the harvest cycle once more.


Here is a recipe list for each of the different type of seeds. Please bear in mind that each list is a work in progress. Also, Eden is based off of the Dark Star Project and unfortunately not all recipes are implemented accurately. Thus, these lists have been compiled to be accurate to Eden and not necessarily era.

Flowering Plants


Further Information

Here are some additional aspects of gardening which have not been covered already.

  • Flowers wilted

So you forgot about your flowers or you were unable to check on them and they have all wilted? Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done to save them. All that can be done is for you to 'empty the pots' and try again.

  • Place flowerpots on a table

Quite simply as it says. By placing a table (and i recommend Maple as they're dirt cheap) and placing your flowerpots on top of it, you will decrease the chance that your plants wilt and die.

  • Drying out flowers

This option will appear a day or two into your harvest cycle and persists until you harvest them. Selecting it will freeze the chosen plant in it's current state. It freezes 1 plant at a time so don't worry about freezing your whole harvest. Even once fronze, you may still empty the pot of it's contents if you wish. 'Drying out' is used if you would like to turn a plant into a mog house decoration.

Certain furnishings when placed into your mog house will give a Moghancement. This particular enhancement will reduce the chances that your flowers will wilt. How strong this effect is still requires further testing.

There is no documented evidence that the moon phase will affect yield results however, it has been strongly suggested by the development team that it does. No conclusive testing has been carried out but there is nothing stopping you from trying yourself. It is believed that harvesting plants on a full moon will increase yields sizes. Whilst it may not sound like much, the potential benefits are huge. For example, gardening for elemental ores could potentially see yields double from 1 to 2 and vastly increase gil returns.

  • How to increase yield sizes

During the retail era, it was often speculated that there were many contributing factors to increasing the amount yielded come harvest time. Factors such as the day seeds are planted on, the day crystals are fed on and equipping the Field Tunica Set whilst harvesting are just some that may have an affect. Again, it is suggested that some of these elements may have an affect however, there is a lack of testing to prove conclusively. one way or another. There is no harm in trying these methods and seeing for yourself if they do indeed work.

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