• Spells that use the Healing Magic skill all help players recover from battle.
  • These spells help players regain Hit Points, remove negative Status Effects, deal damage to undead, or recover from K.O..
  • Healing Magic skill:
-determines the chance to successfully remove certain more powerful versions of status effects such as Doom or special Curses.
-helps defend against spell interruptions for any spell within its category.
-increases the amount of Hit Points 'Cure' spells will recover, up to a "soft" cap, and increases the amount of damage done by cure spells to undead.

Job Ratings

Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 49 Cap at Level 99
White Mage A+ 6 150 424
Paladin C 5 139 373
Red Mage C- 5 139 368

Equipment that Enhances this Skill

By Amount Added

Name Skill Increase
+15 +12 +10 +7 +6 +5 +3
Cleric's Pantaloons +1 CheckCheck.png
Cleric's Pantaloons CheckCheck.png
Healer's Mitts +1 CheckCheck.png
Healer's Mitts CheckCheck.png
Duelist's Tabard +1 CheckCheck.png
Duelist's Tabard CheckCheck.png
Narval CheckCheck.png
Prelatic Pole CheckCheck.png
Valor Coronet +1 CheckCheck.png
Valor Coronet CheckCheck.png
Warlock's Tights +1 CheckCheck.png
Warlock's Tights CheckCheck.png
Healing Mace CheckCheck.png
Colossus's Torque CheckCheck.png
Healing Torque CheckCheck.png
Rune Rod CheckCheck.png
Altruistic Cape CheckCheck.png
Druid's Slops CheckCheck.png
Marduk's Shalwar CheckCheck.png
Nashira Manteel CheckCheck.png
Healing Earring CheckCheck.png
Phi Necklace CheckCheck.png

By Equipment Slot


Level Name Jobs Bonus
52 Healing Mace WHM +7
67 Narval DRG +10
70 Rune Rod WHM/BLM/SMN +6
71 Prelatic Pole All +10


Level Name Jobs Bonus
73 Valor Coronet PLD +10
75 Valor Coronet +1 PLD +10


Level Name Jobs Bonus
65 Healing Torque All +7
75 Phi Necklace All Salvage:+3


Level Name Jobs Bonus
74 Duelist's Tabard RDM +10
75 Nashira Manteel WHM/BLM/RDM/SMN/BLU +5
75 Duelist's Tabard +1 RDM +12


Level Name Jobs Bonus
60 Healer's Mitts WHM +15
74 Healer's Mitts +1 WHM +15


Level Name Jobs Bonus
56 Warlock's Tights RDM +10
64 Druid's Slops WHM/BLM/RDM/BRD/SMN +5
73 Cleric's Pantaloons WHM +15
74 Warlock's Tights +1 RDM +10
75 Marduk's Shalwar WHM/BRD/SMN +5
75 Cleric's Pantaloons +1 WHM +15


Level Name Jobs Bonus


Level Name Jobs Bonus
73 Altruistic Cape All +5


Level Name Jobs Bonus
35 Healing Earring All +3


Level Name Jobs Bonus

Magic of Vana'diel:Healing Magic

HP Recovery
Cure I • II  III  IV  V • Curaga I • II  III  IV 
Raise I • II  III  — Reraise I • II  III 
Status Recovery

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