General Information

Special Attacks

Special Abilities
Howling: AoE Paralysis
Methane Breath: Single target damage
Rot Gas: AoE damage, Disease effect
Poison Breath: Single target damage and poison
Dirty Claw: Single target damage
Shadow Claw: Single target damage and Blindness
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Cwn Cyrff Lottery Spawn from Tomb Wolves in D-5/D-6 68 Eldieme Necropolis Swan Bilbo
Shii Lottery Spawn from Garm around (I-8) 70 Bostaunieux Oubliette Sukesada
Haty Spawns during Full Moon at (F-8) - (G-8) or (J-8) - (J-9) Qmark.gif Konschtat Highlands Rogetsurin

Quest NMs: Boreal Hound, Sturm

Mission NMs: None

Battlefield NMs: Capelthwaite (BCNM), Freybug (BCNM), Guytrash (BCNM), Rongeur D'os (BCNM)

Other NMs: Dagourmarche's Hound (Assists: Dagourmarche)

Monsters in Family

Name Level Zone
Mad Fox 3-8 East Sarutabaruta (3-8)

West Sarutabaruta (4-6)

Tainted Hound 5-8 East Ronfaure (5-8)

West Ronfaure (5-8)

Black Wolf 5-8 North Gustaberg (5-8)

South Gustaberg (5-8)

Wolf Zombie 8-10 La Theine Plateau (8-10)

Konschtat Highlands (8-10)

Barghest 8-10 Tahrongi Canyon (8-10)
Scavenging Hound 18-25 Jugner Forest (18-25)

Meriphataud Mountains (18-25)

Bog Dog 18-25 Pashhow Marshlands (18-25)
Bandersnatch 21-24 Gusgen Mines (21-24)
Mauthe Doog 28-32 Gusgen Mines (28-31)

Batallia Downs (28-32)

Marchosias 40-43 Eldieme Necropolis (40-43)
Hell Hound 46-50 Eldieme Necropolis (46-49)

The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah

Tomb Wolf 53-55 Eldieme Necropolis (53-55)
Hecatomb Hound 56-59 Bostaunieux Oubliette (56-59)
Cwn Annwn 59-64 Uleguerand Range (59-64)
Garm 64-66 Bostaunieux Oubliette (64-66)
Hati 77-79 King Ranperre's Tomb (77-79)
Hydra's Hound Qmark.gif Dynamis - Beaucedine

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