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A bewitching race of beastmen with an upper body like that of a Hume woman and a lower body resembling that of a venomous serpent. The Lamiae are few in number compared to the other beastmen inhabitants of the Near East. However, they have ensorceled the bones of fallen soldiers, creating an undead army of considerable size to defend their reef settlements. Lamiae are known to sneak into towns in the depths of night, wielding powerful bows and hunting humans to replenish their armies; hence the Near Easterners' dread of sunset. According to rumor, Lamiae are not technically a race of beastmen, but actually a form of organic weapon (also known as a chimera), created by alchemists fusing the parts of multiple organisms.

Merrows are a close relation of the Lamiae. The Merrow is a type of amphibious chimera. Although they reside in the Cyan Deep, Merrows occasionally respond to the Lamiae's requests and venture to the scene of battle accompanied by hordes of undead raised from watery graves. Merrows can also use their enchanting voices to draw in even the most experienced sailors.

Family Information
Type: Beastmen
Subfamilies: Merrow
Common Behavior: A, S, L
Weak against:
Resist Vs. Lightning
Strong against: Sleep
Immune to: Resist Vs. Water
Common Job(s): Ranger, Corsair, Summoner, Black Mage, Bard, Samurai, Red Mage
Traits: Magic Defense Boost (+12.50%)
Charmable: Eks.png
Pankration: Eks.png
Aspir: Susceptible to Aspir (Mage jobs only)
Drain: Susceptible to Drain
Notes: Weapon can be broken by a critical hit or weaponskill during a melee swing.
Lamiae and Merrows are considered separate families for Sanraku's subject of interest.

Special Attacks

Special Abilities Aht Urhgan Areas
Gusting Gouge: Cone Attack wind damage and Knockback. Only used when wielding one-handed weapons. CheckCheck.png
Arrow Deluge: Ranged attack, targeted AoE. Only used when wielding a bow. CheckCheck.png
Pole Swing: Single-target physical damage. Only used when wielding a staff. CheckCheck.png
Tidal Slash: AoE physical damage?Verification Needed Only used when wielding a polearm. CheckCheck.png
Grim Reaper: Cone Attack physical damage and Doom. Only used when wielding the special Lamian staff (used instead of Pole Swing). CheckCheck.png
Hysteric Barrage: Five-fold single target physical attack. Only used when fighting hand-to-hand/the main weapon is broken. CheckCheck.png
Tail Slap: Cone Attack physical damage and Stun. Absorbable by up to 3 Utsusemi shadows. CheckCheck.png
Hypnotic Sway: Single-target Amnesia Gaze Attack; Lamiae only. CheckCheck.png
Belly Dance: AoE charm on foes; Lamia Notorious Monsters only. CheckCheck.png
Torrent: Single-target, removes all equipment. Merrows only. CheckCheck.png
Rising Swell: AoE Torrent. Merrow Notorious Monsters only. CheckCheck.png
Dukkeripen: Randomly casts a buff on itself (10 shadows or HP restore), or a debuff on its foes (Paralyze). Corsairs only. CheckCheck.png
Calcifying Deluge: Ranged attack, targeted AoE plus Petrification. Medusa only. CheckCheck.png
Gorgon Dance: AoE Petrification on foes; Medusa only. CheckCheck.png
Pinning Shot: Ranged attack, targeted AoE plus bind. Medusa only. CheckCheck.png
Shadow Thrust: Heavy damage to single target. Medusa only. CheckCheck.png
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Euryale Spawns at (I-6) 80+ Arrapago Reef Lyft Jambiya
Experimental Lamia Forced Spawn by trading Myrrh to the ??? at (F-7) on map 2 Qmark.gif Caedarva Mire Aurum Cuisses
Earth Grip
Enkidu's Leggings
Mekki Shakki
Water Grip
Lamia No.19 Spawns randomly when a character dies between (E-11) and (F-9) on the second map. 78 Arrapago Reef Exorcist Hose
Templar Mace
Lamie No.7 Spawns in the cave in (E-10) on the second map. Qmark.gif Arrapago Reef Corsair's Scimitar
Lamie No.8 Spawns around the Archaic Mirror at (I-10) of the second map. Qmark.gif Arrapago Reef Mercenary's Turban
Lamie No.9 Spawns on the island in (J-6) of the third map. ~80 Arrapago Reef Evoker's Gages
Medusa Spawns at (G-5) on the third map. Qmark.gif Arrapago Reef Mercenary's Dastanas
Merrow No.5 Spawns outside of the Ilrusi Atoll Staging Point, by the Ashakkus. 82-85 Arrapago Reef Volunteer's Nails

Quest NMs: Lamia Deathdancer, Lamia No.27

Mission NMs: Chigoe Breeder, D5J2-MERROW, D5R3-MERROW, D5S1-MERROW, K22B6-LAMIA, K22H3-LAMIA, K22P2-LAMIA, K23H1-LAMIA, Lamia No.13, Lamia No.14, Lamia No.17, Merrow No.16

Battlefield NMs: Lamia No.11 (Lamia Reprisal), Lamia No.18 (Lamia Reprisal), Lamia No.24 (Lamia Reprisal)

Besieged NMs: Lamia Commandress, Lamia Freebooter, Lamia Immolator, Lamia Jaeger, Lamia No.2, Lamia No.3, Lamia No.4, Lamia No.9, Lamia No.15, Lamia No.21, Lamia No.34, Medusa, Merrow Cantatrice, Merrow No.11, Merrow No.12, Merrow Seafarer, Merrow Shiranuhi

Other NMs: Lamia Exon (Follows and Assists: Medusa), Lamia Palace Guard (Assists: Archaic Mirror), Pandemonium Warden (alternate form), Pandemonium Lamp (alternate form)

Monsters in Family

Name Level Zone
Lamia Dartist 73-75 Arrapago Reef
Lamia Deathdancer 73-75 Arrapago Reef
Lamia Dancer 73-75 Arrapago Reef
Lamia Fatedealer 73-75 Arrapago Reef
73-75 Caedarva Mire
Lamia Graverobber 73-75 Arrapago Reef
Merrow Chantress 73-75 Arrapago Reef
Merrow Icedancer 73-75 Arrapago Reef
Merrow Kabukidancer 73-75 Arrapago Reef
Merrow Shadowdancer 73-75 Arrapago Reef
Lamia Bowyer 75 Leujaoam Sanctum - Azure Experiments
Lamia Prosector 75 Leujaoam Sanctum - Azure Experiments
Lamia Sharper 75 Leujaoam Sanctum - Azure Experiments
D5J2-MERROW 75-77 Ilrusi Atoll - Deserter
D5R3-MERROW 75-77 Ilrusi Atoll - Deserter
D5S1-MERROW 75-77 Ilrusi Atoll - Deserter
K22B6-LAMIA 75-77 Ilrusi Atoll - Deserter
K22H3-LAMIA 75-77 Ilrusi Atoll - Deserter
K22P2-LAMIA 75-77 Ilrusi Atoll - Deserter
Lamia Toxophilite 77-80 Arrapago Reef
82-83 Caedarva Mire
Lamie Deathdancer 77-80 Arrapago Reef
Lamie Toxophilite 77-80 Arrapago Reef
Lamia Bellydancer 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Lamia Necromancer 81-83 Arrapago Reef
82-83 Caedarva Mire
Lamie Bellydancer 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Lamie Necromancer 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Merrow Bladedancer 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Merrow Songstress 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Merrow Typhoondancer 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Merrow Wavedancer 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Nix Bladedancer 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Nix Songstress 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Nix Typhoondancer 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Nix Wavedancer 81-83 Arrapago Reef
Lamia Chaukidar 82-83 Caedarva Mire

Historical Background

In Greek mythology, Lamia was the daughter of Poseidon and Lybie, a personification of the country of Libya and a queen of Libya herself, whom Zeus loved. Hera discovered the affair and stole away Lamia's children, whereupon Lamia in her grief became a monster and began murdering children. Zeus granted her the power of prophecy as an attempt at appeasement, as well as the related ability to temporarily remove her eyes. Either Hera turned her into a monster, she was transformed by grief over the murder of all her children (except Scylla), or she was already one of Hecate's brood. Plutarch heard that Lamia had the gift to be able to take her eyes out and then put them back in. Lamia was cursed with the inability to close her eyes so that she would always obsess over the image of her dead children.

In Scottish and Irish mythology, Merrows (also called Muir-gheilt, Muidhuachán, Samhghubha, Suirce) are mermaids and mermen. They are human from the waist up, but fish from the waist down. They have white webbing between their fingers and long green hair. They play music which can vaguely be heard at the waters' surface. They are said to have a benevolent and affectionate disposition. Some of them even inter-married with and lived among humans for years. They would always, though, feel a call back to their homes beneath the waves. They are said to wear a hat, the Cohuleen Druith, which allows them to dive beneath the waves. If they lose this cap, they cannot return underwater. Merrow derives from the Gaelic murúch

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