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General Information

  • System: Arcana
  • Weaknesses: Blunt
  • Resistances: Highly resistant to magic
  • Immune:

Special Attacks

Special Abilities
Double Ray: Single-target damage, ignores Utsusemi
Mysterious Light: 10' AoE magic damage and Gravity, wipes Utsusemi
Spectral Barrier: Magic Shield effect
Spinning Attack: Cone Attack physical damage, absorbed by Utsusemi
Battery Charge: Recover MP
Mind Drain: Absorb-MND effect
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Nightmare Vase Lottery Spawn from the Magic Flagons around (F-8) 76-78 Ro'Maeve Shinogi
Olla Grande Spawned when Olla Media is defeated 85 Shrine of Ru'Avitau Skofnung


Olla Media Spawned when Olla Pequena is defeated 83 Shrine of Ru'Avitau Once defeated, Olla Grande will spawn
Olla Pequena Forced Spawn by trading a Ro'Maeve Water to the ??? at (J-6) 83 Shrine of Ru'Avitau Once defeated, Olla Media will spawn
Sacrificial Goblet Forced Spawn by trading an Uggalepih Whistle to the ??? at (I-8) 66-68 Temple of Uggalepih Charging Shield
Steam Cleaner Randomly spawned by the Detectors found underground at the (C-9), (D-4), (L-4), or (M-9) basement entrances 82 Ve'Lugannon Palace Gem of the East

Indra Katars

Quest NMs: Eldhrimnir, Illusory Pot

Mission NMs: Ancient Vessel

Battlefield NMs: Air Pot (BCNM), Earth Pot (BCNM), Fire Pot (BCNM), Ice Pot (BCNM), Thunder Pot (BCNM), Water Pot (BCNM)

Other NMs: None

Monsters in Family

Name Level Zone
Magic Pot 28-70

Lower Delkfutt's Tower (28-29)
Middle Delkfutt's Tower (28-29)
Upper Delkfutt's Tower (68-70)

Magic Jar 31-33 Middle Delkfutt's Tower (31-33)
Magic Urn 34-35

Lower Delkfutt's Tower (34-35)
Upper Delkfutt's Tower (34-35)

Clockwork Pod 41-45

Fei'Yin (41-43)
Garlaige Citadel (44-45)

Droma 52-56

Garlaige Citadel (52-54)
Fei'Yin (54-56)

Magic Millstone 54-58 Pso'Xja (54-58)
Magic Jug 62-64 Garlaige Citadel (62-64)
Hover Tank 64-67 Temple of Uggalepih (64-67)
Maledict Millstone 65-68 Pso'Xja (65-68)
Magic Flagon 68-70 Ro'Maeve (68-70)
Aura Pot 72-75 Pso'Xja (72-75)
Sprinkler 73-76 Ru'Aun Gardens (73-76)
Dustbuster 75-78 Ve'Lugannon Palace (75-78)
Apollyon Cleaner Qmark.gif NE Apollyon

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