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Quests of Note

San d'Oria
Quest Type Fame Reward
A Knight's Test PLD Flag --- Paladin unlocked
The Holy Crest DRG Flag --- Dragoon unlocked
Growing Flowers Fast Travel 1 Mog House exit
Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria) Fast Travel --- Red Invitation Card
Exit the Gambler Map 1 Map of King Ranperre's Tomb
Her Majesty's Garden Map 4 Map of the Northlands Area
Over the Hills and Far Away Map 8 Map of the Uleguerand Range
The Rumor Scroll 3 Drain scroll
Intermediate Teamwork Scroll 3 Mage's Ballad scroll
Healing the Land Scroll 4 Teleport-Holla scroll
Sorcery of the North Scroll 4 Teleport-Vahzl scroll
Trial Size Trial by Ice Avatar 2 Shiva unlocked
Trial by Ice Avatar 6 Shiva unlocked
Old Wounds WS --- Savage Blade unlocked
Methods Create Madness WS --- Impulse Drive unlocked
Souls in Shadow WS --- Spiral Hell unlocked

Quests List

  • Table below is sorted by how quests appear in the completed quest log section.
  • Quests marked w/ bold text have the potential to be Locked.
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San d'Oria: Completed Quests
Quest Complete
A Sentry's Peril
Waters of the Cheval
Rosel the Armorer
The Pickpocket
Father and Son
The Seamstress
The Dismayed Customer
The Trader in the Forest
The Sweetest Things
The Vicasque's Sermon
A Squire's Test
Grave Concerns
The Brugaire Consortium
Lizard Skins
Flyers for Regine
Gates to Paradise
A Squire's Test II
To Cure a Cough
Tiger's Teeth
Undying Flames
A Purchase of Arms
A Knight's Test
The Medicine Woman
Black Tiger Skins
Growing Flowers
The General's Secret
The Rumor
Her Majesty's Garden
Introduction To Teamwork
Intermediate Teamwork
Advanced Teamwork
Grimy Signposts
A Job for the Consortium
Trouble at the Sluice
The Merchant's Bidding
Unexpected Treasure
The Setting Sun
Distant Loyalties
The Rivalry
The Competition
Starting a Flame
Fear of the Dark
Warding Vampires
Sleepless Nights
Lufet's Lake Salt
Healing the Land
Sorcery of the North
The Crimson Trial
Enveloped in Darkness
Peace for the Spirit
Messenger from Beyond
Prelude of Black and White
Pieuje's Decision
Sharpening the Sword
A Boy's Dream
Under Oath
The Holy Crest
A Craftsman's Work
Chasing Quotas
Knight Stalker
Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria)
Methods Create Madness
Souls in Shadow
A Taste For Meat
Exit the Gambler
Old Wounds
Escort for Hire (San d'Oria)
A Discerning Eye (San d'Oria)
A Timely Visit
Fit for a Prince
Over the Hills and Far Away
Signed in Blood
Tea with a Tonberry?
Spice Gals
Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria)
Thick Shells
Trial Size Trial by Ice
Trial by Ice

Northern San d'Oria


Quest Type NPC Pos. Fame Reward Available?
Exit the Gambler Map Aurege F-3 1 Map of King Ranperre's Tomb CheckCheck.png
Growing Flowers Fast Travel Kuu Mohzolhi F-8 1 Mog House exit CheckCheck.png
Father and Son General Ailbeche J-9 1 Willow Fishing Rod CheckCheck.png
Fear of the Dark General Secodiand F-6 1 200 gil CheckCheck.png
The Trader in the Forest General Abeaule F-8 1 Robe CheckCheck.png
Waters of the Cheval General Miageau L-7 1 Wing Pendant CheckCheck.png
Trial Size Trial by Ice Avatar Castilchat E-7 2 Shiva unlocked CheckCheck.png
Gates to Paradise General Olbergieut L-7 2 Cotton Cape CheckCheck.png
The Vicasque's Sermon General Abioleget M-7 2 Brass Ring CheckCheck.png
Undying Flames General Pagisalis M-6 2 Friar's Rope CheckCheck.png
Blackmail General Dauperiat I-10 3 900 gil CheckCheck.png
The Medicine Woman General Abeaule F-8 3 2100 gil CheckCheck.png
Trouble at the Sluice General Belgidiveau G-8 3 Heavy Axe CheckCheck.png
Warding Vampires General Maloquedil J-8 3 900 gil CheckCheck.png
Healing the Land Scroll Eperdur M-7 4 Teleport-Holla scroll CheckCheck.png
Sorcery of the North Scroll Eperdur M-7 4 Teleport-Vahzl scroll CheckCheck.png
Unexpected Treasure General Morunaude G-8 5 12000 gil Eks.png
Trial by Ice Avatar Gulmama E-7 6 Shiva unlocked CheckCheck.png
Escort for Hire (San d'Oria) Escort Rondipur F-6 6 Page from Miratete's Memoirs Eks.png
The Setting Sun General Vamorcote F-5 6 10000 gil CheckCheck.png
Sharpening the Sword PLD AF1 Ailbeche J-8 --- Honor Sword CheckCheck.png
A Boy's Dream PLD AF2 Ailbeche J-8 --- Gallant Leggings CheckCheck.png
A Craftsman's Work DRG AF1 Miaux E-6 --- Peregrine CheckCheck.png
Messenger from Beyond WHM AF1 Narcheral M-6 --- Blessed Hammer CheckCheck.png

Southern San d'Oria


Quest Type NPC Pos. Fame Reward Available?
A Sentry's Peril General Glenne F-8 1 Bronze Subligar CheckCheck.png
A Squire's Test General Balasiel F-7 1 Spatha CheckCheck.png
Eco-Warrior (San d'Oria) General Norejaie K-6 1 Dragon Chronicles Eks.png
Grave Concerns General Andecia M-7 1 560 gil CheckCheck.png
Rosel the Armorer General Rosel K-8 1 100-200 gil CheckCheck.png
Starting a Flame General Legata K-6 1 100 gil CheckCheck.png
The Merchant's Bidding General Parvipon E-8 1 120 gil CheckCheck.png
The Seamstress General Hanaa Punaa E-8 1 Leather Gloves CheckCheck.png
A Purchase of Arms General Helbort K-7 2 Elm Staff CheckCheck.png
Grimy Signposts General Maugie L-9 2 1500 gil CheckCheck.png
Lizard Skins General Hanaa Punaa D-8 2 Lizard Gloves CheckCheck.png
Sleepless Nights General Paouala M-8 2 5000 gil CheckCheck.png
The Sweetest Things General Raimbroy F-8 2 400 gil CheckCheck.png
A Timely Visit General Deraquien G-8 3 Medieval Collar CheckCheck.png
Black Tiger Skins General Hanaa Punaa D-8 3 Tiger Stole CheckCheck.png
Signed in Blood General Sobane D-6 3 Cunning Earring CheckCheck.png
Tiger's Teeth General Taumila E-9 3 2100 gil CheckCheck.png
To Cure a Cough General Nenne F-6 3 3000 gil CheckCheck.png
Distant Loyalties General Femitte I-8 4 White Cape CheckCheck.png
Tea with a Tonberry? General Sobane D-6 4 Willpower Torque CheckCheck.png
A Knight's Test PLD Flag Balasiel F-7 --- Paladin unlocked CheckCheck.png
Lure of the Wildcat (San d'Oria) Fast Travel Amutiyaal L-6 --- Red Invitation Card CheckCheck.png
Methods Create Madness WS Balasiel F-7 --- Impulse Drive unlocked CheckCheck.png
The Crimson Trial RDM AF1 Sharzalion K-6 --- Fencing Degen CheckCheck.png
Spice Gals General Rouva I-8 --- Miratete's Memoirs Eks.png
A Squire's Test II General Balasiel F-7 --- Squire Certificate CheckCheck.png

Port San d'Oria


Quest Type NPC Pos. Fame Reward Available?
A Discerning Eye General Eddy H-6 1 500 gil Eks.png
A Taste For Meat General Antreneau G-7 1 Grilled Hare and 150 gil CheckCheck.png
Flyers for Regine General Regine J-8 1 440 gil CheckCheck.png
Lufet's Lake Salt General Nogelle G-7 1 600 gil CheckCheck.png
The Brugaire Consortium General Fontoumant H-9 1 Lauan Shield CheckCheck.png
The Dismayed Customer General Gulemont G-7 1 560 gil CheckCheck.png
The Pickpocket General Miene I-8 1 Light Axe CheckCheck.png
The Rivalry General Gallijaux H-8 1 Lu Shang's Fishing Rod CheckCheck.png
The Competition General Joulet H-8 1 Lu Shang's Fishing Rod CheckCheck.png
Thick Shells General Vounebariont I-10 2 500 gil CheckCheck.png
A Job for the Consortium General Portaure H-9 5 1000 gil Eks.png
The Holy Crest DRG Flag Arminibit I-9 --- Dragoon unlocked CheckCheck.png
Over the Hills and Far Away Map Antreneau G-7 8 Map of the Uleguerand Range CheckCheck.png
Chasing Quotas DRG AF2 Ceraulian I-10 --- Drachen Brais CheckCheck.png

Chateau d'Oraguille


Quest Type NPC Pos Fame Reward Available?
Knight Stalker DRG AF3 Rahal H-9 2 Drachen Armet CheckCheck.png
The General's Secret General Curilla I-9 2 Lynx Baghnakhs CheckCheck.png
Fit for a Prince General Halver I-9 3 Castor's Ring or Pollux's Ring Eks.png
Her Majesty's Garden Map Chalvatot F-7 4 Map of the Northlands Area CheckCheck.png
Old Wounds WS Curilla I-9 --- Savage Blade unlocked CheckCheck.png
Enveloped in Darkness RDM AF2 Curilla I-9 --- Warlock's Boots CheckCheck.png
Peace for the Spirit RDM AF3 Curilla I-9 --- Warlock's Chapeau CheckCheck.png
Prelude of Black and White WHM AF2 Door: H-8 --- Healer's Duckbills CheckCheck.png
Pieuje's Decision WHM AF3 Door: H-8 --- Healer's Briault CheckCheck.png
Under Oath PLD AF3 Trion H-7 --- Gallant Surcoat CheckCheck.png

Bostaunieux Oubliette


Quest Type NPC Pos. Fame Reward Available?
The Rumor Scroll Novalmauge G-8 3 Drain scroll CheckCheck.png
Souls in Shadow WS Novalmauge G-8 --- Spiral Hell unlocked CheckCheck.png

West Ronfaure


Quest Type NPC Pos. Fame Reward Available?
Introduction To Teamwork General Vilatroire H-5 2 Shell Ring CheckCheck.png
Intermediate Teamwork Scroll Vilatroire H-5 3 Mage's Ballad scroll CheckCheck.png
Advanced Teamwork General Vilatroire H-5 4 Horn Ring CheckCheck.png

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