General Information

  • System: Plantoids
  • Weaknesses: Dark, Fire
  • Immune:

Special Attacks

Special Abilities
Sprout Smack: Single target damage and slow
Sprout Spin: 15' AOE Damage and knock back
Slumber Powder: 15' AOE Sleep
Note: Notorious Monsters in this family may use all of the above and/or additional unique special abilities.

Notorious Monsters in Family

Name Spawn Information Level Zone Notable Drop(s)
Leshonki Lottery Spawn from the Boyahda Saplings around (G-9) near Dragon's Aery 79-81 Boyahda Tree Leshonki Bulb
Maighdean Uaine Lottery Spawn from the Walking Saplings around (J-5) - (I-6) Qmark.gif North Gustaberg Optical Earring
Tottering Toby Lottery Spawn from the Stalking Saplings around (G-6) to (G-7) approximately every 3 hours 27-28 Batallia Downs Stumbling Sandals
Yara Ma Yha Who Forced Spawn by trading a Distilled Water to the ??? at (J-10) 15-20 Tahrongi Canyon Fasting Ring

Quest NMs: Dryad, Yallery Brown

Mission NMs: None

Battlefield NMs: Metsanhaltija (BCNM), Metsanneitsyt (BCNM)

Other NMs: Apollyon Sapling (Limbus), Duessa (Assists: Fradubio)

Monsters in Family

Name Level Zone
Walking Sapling 2-6 North Gustaberg
South Gustaberg
Strolling Sapling 7-10 Konschtat Highlands (7-10)
La Theine Plateau (7-10)
Tahrongi Canyon (7-10)
Wandering Sapling 13-16 Jugner Forest (13-16)
Meriphataud Mountains (13-16)
Stalking Sapling 18-24 Ordelle's Caves (18-21)
Batallia Downs (20-24)
Slash Pine 27-29 Ordelle's Caves
Caveberry 42-44 Crawler's Nest
Leshachikha 49-53 Lufaise Meadows
Witch Hazel 50-52 Crawler's Nest
Cherry Sapling 62-64 King Ranperre's Tomb
Boyahda Sapling 74-77 Boyahda Tree
Treant Sapling 66-69 Aydeewa Subterrane
Bhaflau Thickets (???)
Wajaom Woodlands (???)
Caedarva Mire (???)
Staggering Sapling Information Needed Arrapago Remnants

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