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Status effects are conditions that alter your character. Whether brought on by a monster ability, spell, quest, or item, these change how you interact in the world of Final Fantasy XI. The following information is taken directly from the FFXI online Game Manual:

If your character's status changes, such as being poisoned in an enemy attack or using an ability to increase your attack power, it will be reported in your log window and an icon will appear at the top center of the screen. There are various icons used to indicate the different types of status effects. To view the details of a given icon, press the Δ button on the DUALSHOCK®2 analog controller (or the + key on your keyboard's numeric keypad or f key on compact keyboard) twice and move the cursor over the icon. An explanation of the icon will appear in the upper window. If a status effect wears off, it will be reported in your log window, and the icon will disappear from the top of the screen.

With the exception of Boost, status effect duration timers are paused while in dialogue with an NPC.

These status effects can be separated into three distinct groups:

Negative Status Effects (Debuffs)

Name Effect
Attribute Down Lowers an attribute. (STR, DEX, VIT, etc...)
Accuracy Down Reduces accuracy.
Amnesia Player cannot use abilities or weaponskills.
Attack Down Reduces attack power.
Bane Reduced HP, MP, and weight.
Bind Player cannot move.
Bio Reduced attack and DoT.
Blind Reduced melee accuracy.
Bust Number of possible active Phantom Roll effects reduced by one. Also experiencing a penalty effect.
Charm For a time, your actions are controlled by a monster.
Curse Reduced HP, MP, and weight.
Debilitation The severe hampering of attributes. (Salvage)
Defense Down Reduced defense.
Dia Reduced defense and DoT.
Disease Player cannot recover HP or MP.
Doom Countdown to death.
Encumberment Inability to equip armor and/or weapons. (Salvage)
Elemental Debuff
(Shock, Rasp, Choke, Frost, Burn, or Drown)
Lowers an attribute and DoT.
Evasion Down Reduced evasion.
Flash Severely reduced accuracy.
Impairment Inability to use job abilities. (Salvage)
Level Restriction Reduces effective level.
Magic Defense Down Reduced resistance to magic.
Max HP Down Reduced HP pool.
Max MP Down Reduced MP pool.
Medicated Cannot use some Medicines.
Mute Player cannot cast spells, nor remove the effect.
Obliviscence Inability to use a support job. (Salvage)
Omerta Inability to use magic. (Salvage)
Overload Puppet is in a weakened state.
Paralyze Chance of interruption for each action.
Petrification Player cannot act.
Plague DoT that affects MP and TP.
Poison DoT that affects HP.
Silence Player cannot cast spells.
SJ Restriction Cannot access support job.
Sleep Player cannot act.
Slow Increased weapon and spell delay.
Stun Player cannot act.
Terror Player cannot act.
Weakness Severely reduced HP and MP.
Weight Reduced movement speed and Evasion.

Positive Status Effects (Buffs)

Name Effect
Ability Up Increase to an ability. (STR, DEX, VIT, etc...)
Accuracy Boost Increases accuracy.
Aquaveil Increased resistance to spell interruption.
Attack Up Increased attack.
Bar Elemental Increased elemental resistance.
Bar Status Effect Increased resistance to status effects.
Berserk Increases attack, reduces defense.
Blink Shadow images may absorb attacks.
Boost Enhances power of next attack.
Chocobo Increased movement speed while riding a Chocobo.
Circle Protections Resistance to certain monster types.
Concentration Increased casting speed and decreased recasts.
Copy Image Copy image absorb attacks.
Damage Spikes Damages opponents when hit.
Dedication Percentage increase of EXP gained.
Defense Boost Increases defense.
Deodorize Player is harder to track by scent.
Enchantment Effects vary, depending on the source.
Enspell Adds elemental damage to attacks.
Evasion Boost Increases evasion.
Flurry Decreases weapon delay (without affecting TP gain).
Food Effects vary.
Flee Increased movement speed.
Haste Decreases weapon delay (without affecting TP gain) and recast timers.
Hide Player is difficult to detect by sight.
Invisible Player is difficult to detect by sight.
Magic Attack Boost Magic attack is increased.
Magic Defense Boost Magic defense is increased.
Maneuver Elemental maneuver being used by your puppet.
Pax Enmity generation is reduced.
Phalanx Grants damage reduction.
Potency Increases critical hit rate.
Protect Increases defense.
Refresh Gradually restores MP.
Regain Gradually increases TP.
Regen Gradually restores HP.
Reraise Allows self-resurrection.
Roll Effect Has many different positive effects.
Shell Increases Magical Defense.
Shining Ruby Increases Defense and Magic Defense.
Sneak Player is difficult to detect by sound.
Song Grants various effects.
Stoneskin Grants an extra skin to absorb damage.
Synthesis Image Support Increases effective crafting skill level.


Name Effect
Battlefield When involved in a BC battle.
Besieged (Status Effect) When involved in a Besieged battle.
Costume Changes a player's appearance.
Illusion Your true appearance is veiled with an illusion. The illusion cannot be maintained for long periods of time.
Signet Allows you to receive crystals from monsters.
Sanction Treasures of Aht Urhgan version of signet.


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