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The home to the Royal d'Oraguille family, the Chateau is complete with living quarters, an audience chamber, a garden and separate quarters for the Temple Knights and Royal Knights, who are commissioned to protect the royal family at all costs. Entry to the Chateau is strictly limited. Beneath the Chateau is the currently unused Bostaunieux Oubliette prison.

This area is only accessible if you are a citizen of San d'Oria and have completed San d'Oria Mission 1-3: Save the Children, or are a citizen of Bastok or Windurst and have at least begun Bastok Mission 2-3: The Emissary or Windurst Mission 2-3: The Three Kingdoms respectively.

Note: If you change allegiance, you will be restricted from access until you complete the necessary rank missions for that nation.

Obtaining the Chateau D'Oraguille

Connecting Areas

Northern San d'Oria at (H/I - 9)
Bostaunieux Oubliette at (I - 8)

Chateau D'Oraguille

Quests Started Here

Quest Type Starter Location Fame
  Enveloped in Darkness (RDM AF2) Curilla   (I-9) --
  Fit for a Prince General Halver   (I-9) 4
  Her Majesty's Garden Map Chalvatot   (F-7) 4
  Knight Stalker (DRG AF3) Rahal   (H-9) --
  Old Wounds (Sword Weaponskill) Curilla   (I-9) --
  Peace for the Spirit (RDM AF3) Curilla   (I-9) --
  Pieuje's Decision (WHM AF3) Pieuje   (H-8) --
  Prelude of White & Black (WHM AF2) Pieuje   (H-8) --
  The General's Secret General Curilla   (I-9) 2
  Under Oath (PLD AF3) Trion    --

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Aladoverre (I - 9)
Aramaviont (H - 9)
Arsha (H - 9)
Atoranne (I - 8)
Chaloutte (I - 9) Event Scene Replayer
Chalvatot (F - 7) Quest Giver
Chaphoire (H - 9)
Chupaile (I - 9)
Cotelle (H - 8)
Curilla (I - 9) Quest Giver
Name Location Type
Doumina (H - 8)
Faurie (I - 9)
Ferdechoind (I - 9)
Halver (I - 9) Quest Giver
Michilca (G - 8)
Milchupain (H - 9)
Mistaravant (I - 7)
Nachou (H - 8)
Perfaumand (H - 7)
Rahal (H - 9) Quest Giver