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  Start NPC:   Ghebi Damomohe - Lower Jeuno (I-7)
  Promathia Mission 6-3
  Items Needed:   Carmine Chip
  Gray Chip
  Cyan Chip
  Title:   None
  Repeatable:   Yes
  Reward:   CCB Polymer Pump
  Previous Quest:   None
  Next Quest:   None


  • To repeat the quest later, just collect the chips again and take them to Cid.

Most chip farming occurs in two towers:

Pso'Xja F-7 entrance ("Nue Tower")

The Carmine Chip is usually farmed here, and often the Gray Chip as well.

Elementals often pop in the chests' place. Be careful and pull the elementals away (between the 2 rooms is fine) from the coffers to pop. Bring a full party of 75s to be safe.

Pso'Xja G-9 entrance (near Ranguemont Pass no lvl cap)

The Cyan Chip is usually farmed here, and often the Gray Chip as well.

This map is a bit of a puzzle; the Stone Doors marked on the map require the matching Blue Bracelet or Green Bracelet (key item) to pass through.

  • When you touch the colored ???s in I-8 on the upper floor (Blue) and H-7 in the basement (Green), the door closes behind you and two Dolls spawn and attack.
    • The Blue ??? spawns Gargoyle-Kappa and Gargoyle-Iota; the Green ??? spawns Gargoyle-Lambda and Gargoyle-Mu.
    • The Dolls alternate between physical immunity and very high magical resistance, each doll changing weaknesses simultaneously. This is marked by a blue- or yellow-colored sheen on each mob, so be prepared to switch targets frequently.
    • When both dolls are defeated, click on the ??? again to obtain the Bracelet.
  • There are 6 Treasure Chest mimics in these locations:
    • Ground Level: In the F room and next to the chest spawn in NW G-8
    • Upper Level: Next to the chest spawn in SE H-9
    • Basement: In the E room and the room in NW G-8.
    • And in the lower basement at the bottom of the elevator (no map).

Pso'Xja I-7 entrance

This tower also has 4 Snow Lizards if the F-7 tower is overcamped.

Game Description

Client: Cid (Cid's Lab, Metalworks)

You've learned from the Tenshodo that Chief Cid is collecting rare colored chips found in the ruins of Pso'Xja. Bring him a set of three (one carmine chip, one gray chip, and one cyan chip) to receive your reward.